Overseas cyber-attacks spike during major Chinese holidays and ceremonies
Published: Sep 10, 2021 12:38 AM
cyber attack Photo: CFP

cyber attack Photo: CFP

The number of overseas cyber-attacks on the Guizhou-Cloud system platform often increase significantly during China's major holidays and celebrations, a manager from the China's leading cloud system platform told the Global Times on Thursday. 

Yang Yunyong, the general manager of the Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry Development Company said during the interview with the Global Times that the number of overseas cyber-attacks on the Guizhou-Cloud system platform during the nation's major holidays or ceremonies often show a more than tenfold increase. 

The Global Times found on Thursday at the company's data center that the number of attacks at 10 am reached nearly half a million, as Yang added that this number only counted effective attacks.

"If you add attempts of the attacks, the total number per day is estimated to reach more than ten million," said Yang. 

The attacks are mostly from China, the US, Russia, and India. Yang noted that attacks are largely from large countries which can recruit top-level talent and have a stronger ability and means to attack. 

As for the purpose of these cyber attacks, Yang believes that most of the domestic attackers are taking actions due to "interest", adding that some attackers may feel take down the "fortress" as a feeling of taking a commanding height in the hacker world as the Guizhou-Cloud system platform is the first "fortress" for China's e-government platform. 

As for attackers overseas, it is still not clear how they view the Guizhou-Cloud system platform, said Yang, emphasizing that the platform will work on increasing the defense forces by implementing special protection measures as the cloud platform receives more than tenfold increase in attacks from overseas actors during the nation's major holidays and ceremonies.

Yang pointed out that the company has established three defense systems and cooperated with other companies and relevant authorities to ensure the safety of the country's e-government platform, so the defense capability of the cloud system is leading in China.

Global Times