Dismissal of the Hong Kong Alliance a long-awaited result of Hong Kong: Global Times editorial
Published: Sep 12, 2021 10:56 PM
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The road for the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, generally known as the Hong Kong Alliance, an anti-China organization to mess up Hong Kong, has finally come to an end. This is the long-awaited result of Hong Kong's righteous forces.

The Security Bureau of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region confirmed to the media on Friday that it had initiated the procedure to strike the Hong Kong Alliance off the Companies Register according to the relevant laws of Hong Kong and that it then would follow the procedure to declare the dissolution of the alliance and to confiscate its property. Several key members of the Hong Kong Alliance have been previously charged with incitement to subvert state power and they are waiting to be judged by the law.

The disgraceful fate of the Hong Kong Alliance had been doomed since the first day it was founded. The alliance regarded the subversion of state power and overthrowing the leadership of the ruling party as its political program. For more than 30 years, under the cover of so-called democracy, the Hong Kong Alliance had blatantly propagated speeches of hatred and confrontation. It had planned and implemented actions to oppose China and to mess up Hong Kong, becoming the biggest source of trouble in the radical anti-extradition bill protests. It is impossible for any society under the rule of law to allow such organizations to undisguisedly exist.

Hong Kong police previously quoted Article 43 of the national security law for Hong Kong to point out there are clear reasons to believe the Hong Kong Alliance is a foreign agent, requesting related information from the alliance. However, the Hong Kong Alliance had tried to find all kinds of excuses to refuse to perform its legal obligations. This shows that the alliance had no reverence for the law at all, and it also exposed its guilty conscience. Otherwise, why was it so afraid of providing necessary information? Anyone can see that the information will undoubtedly confirm the collusion between the Hong Kong Alliance and foreign forces.

Without sufficient factual evidence, the Hong Kong police would not have taken actions against the Hong Kong Alliance. The alliance was a foreign agent - this has become the most prominent impression of Hong Kong citizens. One day after the national security law for Hong Kong was implemented in 2020, chairperson of the alliance Lee Cheuk-yan participated in a hearing of the US Congress via video link. He even publicly begged the US to intervene in Hong Kong affairs and support the riots. His traitorous acts stunned the world.

Various signs have indicated that the Hong Kong Alliance had been receiving overseas funds. To put it bluntly, it was a running dog fed by overseas forces. The most despicable thing is: The Hong Kong Alliance for many years had taken Hong Kong young people, even minors, as key targets. It incited many young people who were still immature and impulsive, nurturing them as cannon folder for political confrontation. Their lives were led astray, being dragged into the wrong path of being against the Chinese mainland and destabilizing Hong Kong. This is an unforgivable sin. The Hong Kong Alliance had been a cancer to Hong Kong that must be removed completely. 

It must be emphasized that although Hongkongers who love the country and city have a longtime hatred toward the Hong Kong Alliance, all the actions that the Hong Kong police have carried out are in strict accordance with laws. There is no room for reproach. Canceling the registered company status of the Hong Kong Alliance cannot be achieved through simply issuing an order. It needs to go through a whole set of legal procedures. It's the Hong Kong Alliance and its foreign masters that showed complete contempt for Hong Kong's judicial independence and authority. 

The national security law for Hong Kong is not for decoration. It's a swift sword to protect Hong Kong's long-term stability. One of the prerequisites for Hong Kong to bring things back to order is that there are laws to follow and actions are taken in line with the law. The anti-China organizations that had messed up Hong Kong, represented by the Hong Kong alliance, used to be extremely rampant. The support and encouragement of overseas anti-China forces made them get carried away. But after the promulgation of the national security law for Hong Kong, any illusion of relying on foreign interference to fight Hong Kong's rule of law had to come to an end.

Facts have proven that the betrayers of the country and the Chinese nation are vulnerable. For these people, wagging for mercy from the US and the West to survive longer is like drinking poison to quench their thirst.