Former Alibaba manager involved in sexual assault will sue female coworker for 'indecency and false charges'
Published: Sep 14, 2021 12:36 AM
Alibaba Photo:VCG

Alibaba Photo:VCG

The former Alibaba employee surnamed Wang, involved in an alleged sexual assault against a female coworker surnamed Zhou and whose arrest order was later dropped by the police, will sue Zhou for alleged false charges, defamation and forceful indecency, Wang's wife announced on Monday evening in a post on Weibo.

In the post, Wang's wife claims that there is "a lot of evidence showing that Zhou has proactively touched and kissed" Wang and she is suspected of forcible indecency. Also, Zhou fabricated facts and made false accusations which led to criminal prosecution against Wang and Zhang, another suspect involved in the sexual assault claim, and her motivation is apparently a false accusation, Wang's wife claimed at the post.

Zhou is also suspected of defamation as she hid information that could be a disadvantage to her, made up and spread fabricated facts as shown in Zhou's post and police statement, and damaged the career and reputation of involving parties and many Alibaba employees, the post reads. 

Zhou also created mess in Alibaba's canteen, posted articles online, took advantage of the public's sympathy on women and disrupted public order. Therefore, she is suspected of "causing troubles," Wang's wife said.  

Wang and his wife have hired lawyers to start preparation work to formally accuse Zhou. 

The local prosecutor in Jinan, East China's Shandong Province, announced in early September that Wang's conduct does not constitute a crime and his arrest order was not approved. The investigation against Wang has been terminated but he will remain under detention for 15 days as punishment.

According to a statement by the Jinan police on August 14, Wang went on a business trip to Jinan with a female coworker, Zhou. During the trip, Wang allegedly molested Zhou after going into her hotel room on the night from July 27 to 28. 

Wang and Zhang, another suspect in the case of sexual assault who works at a local supermarket, was detained by police on August 10. 

Zhang's wife also posted articles on Sunday night questioning Zhou for hiding and fabricating key information. The Jinan prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for Zhang on August 25 and the investigation against him has not concluded.

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