Universal Studios Beijing's 'employee' Megatron becomes favorite on Chinese social media
Published: Sep 15, 2021 11:13 PM
Photo: Screenshot of Weibo video

Photo: Screenshot of Weibo video

Can you imagine the villain Megatron, nemesis of the Autobot leader Optimus Prime, chatting non-stop? Can you imagine a giant-sized Decepticon who tried to take over the world talking about small household affairs with a human being?

Well imagine no longer as Universal Studios Beijing's newest "employee," Megatron himself, has skyrocketed to social media fame on Chinese platforms such as Sina Weibo and Douyin for doing just this. 

Searches for videos featuring the giant Transformer have skyrocketed as Chinese netizens have scrambled to see him joke and amuse visitors at Universal Studios Beijing, which is testing operations ahead of its official opening on September 20.

"It must be a comedian who fled from some stand-up comedy club and took a part-time job at Universal Studios," one Sina Weibo user commented, representing the voices of many others.

Anticipation for the park is high. Tickets for opening day sold out in just half an hour after sales began at 12 am on Tuesday.

Ahead of the official opening, the park has been carrying out trial runs, inviting many visitors, including Chinese celebrities, to experience and evaluate its facilities and services.

Visitors who have had the chance to enter the park have recorded numerous videos of their experience and recommending interesting sights to netizens, who have been eagerly waiting to try out the park for themselves. 

"Why are you alone here? Where is your boyfriend? Why did he stand so far away? Does he refuse to tell others about your relationship?" Megatron says in one video clip as he talks with a young woman standing in front of him to take pictures. 

The Decepticon converses with everyone who queues up and takes photos with him, with topics ranging from their identity and ages and responding to their comments.

"What's your name? Elephant? Why do you have an animal's name? Are you afraid of me? I suggest you change your name to Little Monkey," Megatron says to a young boy with his father in another video.

The Megatron suit is actually quite complex. The performer wears the mechanical armor and interacts with the outside world via a remote control with a voice-changing microphone, according to

The popularity of Megatron online has made many people more interested in visiting the park. 

"When I visited the Universal Studios during the weekend, there was a huge line of visitors waiting to take photos and talk with Megatron in the Transformers section," a Beijing father of a 3-year-old boy told the Global Times.

Many people who are still waiting to get into the park have said that the robot will be their first stop. 

"He is so different from the villain image in the movie. He's adorable," a university student surnamed Li who has been won over by Megatron's charm noted.