Cyberspace regulator urges internet platforms to strengthen management of push systems, minor protection
Published: Sep 16, 2021 01:46 AM
WeChat Tiktok Photo:VCG

WeChat Tiktok Photo:VCG

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), the country's top cyberspace regulator, issued a guideline on Wednesday urging internet platforms to strengthen the management of push news and protection for minors. The move represents the regulator's ongoing effort to create a clean and healthy internet environment.

Under the guideline, operators of websites and platforms shall take responsibility for strengthening management of key functions, accurately handling the push procedures, and strictly controlling the push frequency. 

The companies are also required to improve the content editing and reviewing mechanism. In particular, the platforms need to review key information involving national security, national welfare, people's livelihoods and public interests more frequently to ensure information safety. 

As for protection of minors, platforms have been urged to scale up investment to develop and upgrade anti-addiction management systems, as well as to set the time and rights of the service minors are entitled to, and to provide high-quality content for minors.

China's cyberspace administration has heightened the crackdown on unhealthy online content. In August, the CAC ordered a crackdown on unhealthy fan culture, to reduce frenzied idol worship among underage fans. Recent cases involving fans blindly supporting scandal-hit celebrities have increased concern over toxic fan culture.

In early September, it also launched crackdowns against illegal activities by social media accounts focusing on financial information. In line with the campaign, top Chinese social media platforms WeChat, Douyin, Kuaishou and Sina Weibo started the rectification of illegal activities involving publishing financial information on their platforms.