High-speed rollercoaster at Universal Studios in Beijing can causes cervical spine injuries to visitors: expert
Published: Sep 23, 2021 06:18 PM
Tourists experience

Tourists experience "rollercoaster Decepticoaster" rollercoaster at the Beijing's Universal Studios Resort. Photo: VCG


Excessive impact forces from of running rollercoasters can cause injuries to cervicala human's spine, a medical expert noted after complaints from netizens about cervical dislocation after riding the roller coasters at the newly- opened Universal Studios in Beijing, according to media report. 

Several netizens complained on the internet that they suffered cervical dislocation and other symptoms including nausea, vomiting and dizziness after riding a high-speed rollercoaster at the Universal Beijing Resort, which  opened on Monday. 

Liu Hao, a doctor of spinal surgery ofin the orthopedics department fromat West China Hospital of Sichuan University confirmed such a situation can happen if the impact force is too great when the rollercoaster rider leans forward or backward  and the rider's muscles are not strong enough, according to Health Times. 

Liu further noted that an inappropriate posture ofby the rider can cause hyperextension injuries to their cervical spine when the rollercoaster accelerates suddenly. 

Several tourists towho went to the theme park said they didn't dare to experience the high-speed "rollercoaster Decepticoaster" rollercoaster  since it seemed to be "too exciting" while others said they playedrode it twice and felt nothing unusual to their physical conditions. 

According to the tourists, each gameattraction has a warning sign and lists those people considered unsuitable to enjoyunsuitable population for the games. Visitors with heart disease, abnormal blood pressure, and medical histories of back and neck conditions are not allowed to experience the rollercoaster. 

Global Times