Ironclad details of US malicious interference in HK affairs pile up mountain high: Global Times editorial
Published: Sep 24, 2021 09:58 PM
HK Photo:Pengpai

HK Photo:Pengpai

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday issued "Fact Sheet: US Interference in Hong Kong Affairs and Support for Anti-China, Destabilizing Forces," offering detailed examples of US deeds around the period of the anti-extradition bill protests in the city. The sheet listed five main facts with a total of 102 examples, vividly presenting to the world the truth of US intervention in Hong Kong affairs. 

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) government issued a statement, saying "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has now exposed the US' malicious acts with ironclad evidence." Hong Kong people can now grasp the facts, understand clearly the years of interference by external forces in the city. 

The sheet shows that over the past two years, the US has on the one hand continuously piled up its suppression on the Hong Kong SAR government, discredited China in the public opinion field, confusing right and wrong, while on the other hand colluding with anti-China rioters, trying to mess up the city. The most chaotic period in Hong Kong occurred almost simultaneously with US intensive intervention. It is certain that the anti-extradition bill movement won't make such a big scene, or be hyped up at all, without the black hand of the US. 

The turmoil has caused great damage to the city. In the end, it is the people of Hong Kong who bore the consequences. US politicians keep saying over and over that they stand with Hong Kong people. The truth is, they stand on the very opposite side of Hong Kong and its citizens' interests from the very beginning. It can be easily seen from the sheet that the US has become the biggest destructive factor to the city's prosperity and stability. 

Hong Kong affairs are entirely China's internal affairs. Every deed of the US listed in the fact sheet is interference in China's internal affairs and is of egregious nature. But the US has been putting on a righteous and arrogant look, showing the world how domineering this world's only superpower is.

No matter how arrogant the anti-China rioters in Hong Kong are, no matter how much trouble the US stirs up, they will all end up failing. 

Although the US played that many tricks in the city, the minute China's central government made up its mind and the national security law for Hong Kong was implemented, the situation in Hong Kong immediately hit a U-turn. It shows that anti-China forces are so vulnerable, and the US is daydreaming to wish to manipulate Hong Kong's situation through proxies.

Hong Kong has now entered the transformation from chaos to orderly governance, and is steadily marching forward on the track of becoming prosperous. This will be an irreversible process. Hong Kong has paid a high price in the chaos, the patriotic forces will never allow the city fall into turbulence again. After the sheet reveals all the US deeds, it will objectively increase Hong Kong society's immunity to deception, incitement, and interference by the US.

The US views Hong Kong as a card in its strategic game with China, with an obvious utilitarian mind-set. But China is not. Hong Kong is a part of China. Only China's central government genuinely cares about Hong Kong people's livelihoods and their interests. China and the US have fundamental differences in viewing Hong Kong affairs. Hong Kong citizens should be able to have a clearer understanding about it after going through the turbulence.

Anti-China rioters in Hong Kong take Washington's support as a life-saving straw. But they are doomed be disappointed eventually. Recently, several events on the global arena have proved how unreliable the US is, such as the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the stabbing of France in the back. 

When it comes to interests, the US can even betray its allies, let alone its lackeys. Few Hong Kong citizens now have unrealistic illusions about the US anymore. However, we must also clearly realize that in today's world, the US is still capable to make trouble for others. We must not let our guard down against US political manipulation. 

The release of the sheet has left a unique record for history. It may be an episode in the China-US strategic game, but it contains a wealth of information that reflects the big picture.