Chinese public security chief vows to smash 'color revolution' plot in Hong Kong
Published: Sep 27, 2021 11:03 AM
Chinese Public Security Minister Zhao Kezhi

Chinese Public Security Minister Zhao Kezhi

The police force must focus on cutting off the hostile mastermind home and abroad who harmed national security and smashing plot of launching the "color revolution" in Hong Kong, Chinese Public Security Minister Zhao Kezhi said on Sunday. He called on the police to continue to shoulder responsibility in helping to maintain the stability of the special administrative region and cracking down on radical secessionists.  

Addressing a Party meeting of the Ministry of Public Security, Zhao said in the past two years, public security organs have been supporting governance and law enforcement of the SAR government and Hong Kong police force in the face of radical and violent crimes during protests, and that they have made great contributions for Hong Kong to move from chaos to proper governance. 

The successful election of Hong Kong's Election Committee lays a solid foundation for the following Hong Kong Legislative Council election and Hong Kong chief executive election. Facing new tasks but with a new situation, public security organs will continue their responsibility in maintaining stability of Hong Kong and cracking down on the radical forces of "Hong Kong separatists'', Zhao said. 

The police force must have a clear head and hold bottom line thinking so as to crack down all kinds of disruptive, subversive activities by hostile forces at home and abroad, resolutely cut off the mastermind of hostile forces that endanger national security, smash the Hong Kong version of the "color revolution" plot, according to Zhao. 

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