China believes more countries will stand up to resist illegal unilateral sanctions, political framing: Chinese FM
Published: Sep 27, 2021 08:18 PM
Meng waves to the crowd after her arrival at the Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport.(Photo: Xinhua)

Meng waves to the crowd after her arrival at the Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport.(Photo: Xinhua)

China believes more countries will stand up to all kinds of illegal unilateral sanctions, long-arm jurisdiction, and political framing, jointly uphold international fairness and justice and safeguard the basic norms governing international relations, said Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday in a phone conversation with his Venezuelan counterpart.

"China has always opposed all forms of power politics and has never feared any coercion. The Chinese government's position of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of its citizens remains unflinching and uncompromising," Wang said during his exchange of views with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Felix Plasencia over the phone on the international community's joint efforts to resist power and bullying on Monday.

Plasencia said Venezuela resolutely opposes any unilateral sanctions against Chinese individuals and enterprises, adding that he felt encouraged and gratified by China's firm stance on Meng Wanzhou's case.

"Those behaviors which make up various excuses out of political purposes to arbitrarily detain citizens of other countries are outright bullying and a blatant challenge to international rules and human conscience," Wang emphasized. "Today in the 21st century, they should never be allowed to run rampant."

Meng Wanzhou, Huawei's chief financial officer, arrived in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen on Saturday night on a charter flight organized by the Chinese government, after being illegally detained for nearly three years in Canada.

Hua Chunying, spokesperson of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Monday pointed out while commenting on the return of Meng that Meng's case is political framing and persecution targeting a Chinese citizen and is aimed at suppressing Chinese high-tech enterprises represented by Huawei.

"After the unremitting efforts of the Chinese government, Meng finally returned to the motherland safely. We feel truly happy," said Hua.

"Justice always prevails. A strong China under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is always the firm support of every Chinese citizen," Hua noted.

Hua said that the CPC and the Chinese government attached great importance to Meng's case after she was unreasonably detained in early December 2018.

"President Xi Jinping cared about the case personally. The Chinese Foreign Ministry, the Chinese Embassy in the US, the Chinese Embassy in Canada, and the Consulate General in Vancouver have done their best on all levels and on various occasions to provide Ms. Meng with consular protection and assistance," Hua said.

"They lodged solemn representations with the US and Canada, requested that the false accusations against Meng be dropped and she should be allowed to return home safely," Hua said.

Other related departments and institutions have also done a lot of work and Chinese citizens expressed their full support, Hua said.

Nearly 15 million netizens from over 100 countries and regions including major allies of the US, such as the UK, Australia and Canada, signed a petition launched by the Global Times on August 18, and an open letter was sent to the Canadian Ambassador to China Dominic Barton, demanding Meng's immediate and unconditional release, and protesting the ugly acts of the Canadian government.

The CCTV live coverage of Meng's return home triggered a warm response from Chinese netizens, with a total of 400 million likes on new media platforms under China Central Television alone, exceeding the total population of the US and Canada.

Hua also said that some university students came to the gate of the Foreign Ministry to give flowers, expressing their thanks to the Chinese government's efforts in helping Meng to return home.