Chinese netizens slam racist behavior of PwC staff who allegedly dressed as 'bat from Wuhan,' mocked Chinese accent
Published: Sep 29, 2021 12:53 AM
PwC File Photo: CFP

File Photo: CFP

Outrage has been rampant among Chinese netizens over the racist behavior of two employees from PwC, a global consulting firm, after one allegedly dressed up as "a bat from Wuhan" and another mocked Chinese accent at a staff event. Some urged the company to seriously deal with the employees and show more actions. 

PwC Chief Executive, Tom Seymour, has reportedly launched an investigation into the case and expressed his disappointment for the incident which has also caused anger among staff in the company, according to the Australian Financial Review (AFR). 

The alleged offensive acts were made by two human resources executives in one sketch during a company trivia event last Thursday, said AFR's report.

"Whilst unintentional, they were thoughtless and harmful", Seymour said in the report.

However, some Chinese netizens disagreed with Seymour's statement that the actions were "unintentional" and argued the parody was "clearly intentionally designed like this" and showed the "racism against China and Chinese people" of the two employees.

"It is disappointing to see staff of this big global company doing such cheap things. It is sad for the company to have such ignorant and racist employees," said one netizen on Baidu. 

Some people urged the company to seriously deal with the employees and take more actions.

"The firm has to make a proper response to the incident, not only the chief executive's gesture made out of concerns that they might lose the Chinese market," said another.