China enhances protection of personal data and investigates tech firms in multiple sectors
Published: Oct 10, 2021 11:53 PM
Cybersecurity. Photo: VCG

Cybersecurity. Photo: VCG

During the ongoing special inspection campaign targeting cyber security, China has inspected multiple tech firms including Didi, Huolala and Boss Zhipin, to further secure the country's security of data and prevent breaching personal data, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Sunday.

People's concerns about cyber security and personal data are increasing along with the fast development of digitalization. China launched a series of campaigns on the protection of people's legal rights in cyber space by restricting related regulations and security assessments, said the report. 

Regulators conducted inspections on multiple tech firms in transportation and employment sectors, including taxi and freight car hailing platforms Didi, Huolala and Yunmanman and employment platform Boss Zhipin. 

The investigations effectively prevented risks of national security that might arise when data is processed for overseas listings of these tech firms, said the report. 

Cyber space regulators also conducted a special campaign targeting mobile apps that capture and process personal data illegally. Around 1,000 illicit mobile apps were exposed and close to 1,600 were removed from app stores.

China is planning to develop more talents in the sector of cyber security, including the establishment of special hubs for talents and boosting related fields, according to the report.

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