Honor 50 series smartphones to be equipped with GMS after negotiation with Google
Published: Oct 12, 2021 05:38 PM
Launch event of the Honor 50 series in Shanghai on Wednesday Photo: Zhao Juecheng/GT

Launch event of the Honor 50 series in Shanghai on Wednesday Photo: Zhao Juecheng/GT

Honor has confirmed that its Honor 50 series will be equipped with Google Mobile Services (GMS), the official twitter account of Honor said on Monday, after the company negotiated with Google in order to resume cooperation.

The cooperation on GMS will contribute to the development of Honor in foreign market because if listed overseas, Android phones need to be authorized by Google to use GMS, since overseas users are more accustomed to using Google applications.

Honor has confirmed that the Honor 50 series will enter the international market during the fourth quarter of 2021. The new phones will be officially launched on October 26 in Europe, firstly in the UK and EU markets, and then in Russia, Latin America and Malaysia.

Moreover, the Honor Magic 3 series, another model of Honor, will also be sold in overseas markets equipped with GMS at the earliest available opportunities.

Earlier this year, Honor said that it was negotiating with Google, aiming to resume their partnership. Later, several media outlets reported that Honor was already undergoing security reviews and compatibility testing by Google to ensure that GMS applications including Google App Store, Google Maps and YouTube would work on Honor devices.

"The domestic market share accounted for only 3 percent at its lowest, but now it has rebounded to 14.6 percent," Honor CEO Zhao Ming said in August, expressing his confidence in entering overseas market.

Zhao also noted Honor is currently relaunching operations in more than 50 countries around the world, and that the Honor 50 series may be available in more than 30 of those countries, supporting Google GMS services.

Moreover, Honor Device Company, the entity operating firm for Honor has increased its registered capital on Tuesday, from 30.829 billion yuan ($4.6 billion) to 31.54 billion yuan, a total increase of 711 million yuan. In August, the registered capital increased from 11.854 billion yuan to 30.829 billion yuan.

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