Spouses of consular staff experience cheongsam, Kunqu Opera in Shanghai
Published: Oct 13, 2021 12:06 AM
Guests wearing Shanghai cheongsam pose for a picture at the event on Tuesday. Photo: Global Times

Guests wearing Shanghai cheongsam pose for a picture at the event on Tuesday. Photo: Chen Xia/Global Times

Over 20 members of the non-profit association Consular Spouses Shanghai, from the US, Germany, Greece, Spain and other countries experienced the traditional Chinese culture on Tuesday, including Shanghai cheongsam, Kunqu Opera performances and Shanghai traditional dim sum making.

All the guests attending the event on Tuesday wore various kinds of cheongsam. "This is a unique experience because we live in Shanghai," Emy Marinova, president of the non-profit association that gathers around 80 diplomatic spouses from 40 countries, told the Global Times on Tuesday. 

Marinova previously spent two years in Beijing and this is her third year living in Shanghai. She said they have learned so much about the different cheongsam styles thanks to the lecture at the event. "Today it was not just about the clothing, but the history also and the signification behind it," Marinova said, noting that the performers wearing cheongsam and showing it to them was a unique experience. 

She also shared the story about the cheongsam she wore at the event which was very important for her as it was a present that was part of her friend's Trousseau. "It is really a culture exchange," Marinova noted.

Maha Boftain, spouse of the Consul General of the State of Kuwait in Shanghai, just arrived at the city two months ago. It was Boftain's first time to wear cheongsam and it was "amazing, special and elegant," she told the Global Times on Tuesday. 

She said that she was impressed by the Chinese culture and there are always new things to learn and today was a very big opportunity to learn more about the cheongsam and the history behind it. Wearing the costume from another society is "a very nice way" to show how these two societies communicate and are connected to each other, Boftain said.

Along with cheongsam and Kunqu Opera performances, the guests also experienced making the Shanghai traditional dim sum and were quite delighted under the masters' guide.

The association has been making efforts to communicate with foreign friends about Shanghai cheongsam, Shen Huiqin, President of the Shanghai Qipao Culture Promotion Association, told the Global Times on Tuesday adding that it is important to inherit and carry forward the culture of the Shanghai cheongsam.

The event was led by the Shanghai People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and sponsored by the Shanghai Qipao Culture Promotion Association, Consular Spouses Shanghai and the Shanghai Merry Star Culture and Tourism Investment Holding Co.

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