Update: Beijing Universal Resort apologizes for roller coaster ride malfunction
Published: Oct 13, 2021 01:53 AM
The Decepticoaster in Universal Beijing Resort Photo: CFP

The Decepticoaster in Universal Beijing Resort Photo: CFP

Beijing Universal Resort said they feel deeply sorry as their Decepticoaster ride broke down on Tuesday leaving about 30 guests in the air for about 10 minutes.

The resort told Beijing Youth Daily that the Decepticoaster ride system sent a warning signal at 1:55 pm on Tuesday, and the operation staff suspended the ride out of safety concern. 

Then the staff guided guests on the train walk down the rail and arranged technicians to check the system. 

The Decepticoaster ride operation was restored after a suspension of about 20 minutes, according to the Beijing Youth Daily.

"Guests' safety is always our top priority," the resort told media, expressing deep regret for the accident.

The resort noted that their system has passed strict inspection in accordance with both domestic and global standards. The system can detect safety loopholes automatically and the operation staff can also manage system safety in real time.

Once safety loopholes are detected, the safety protection procedure is immediately launched and the train is parked at a safe area as ordered, according to the resort.       

Universal Beijing Resort's roller coaster, the Decepticoaster, broke down on Tuesday afternoon leaving guests in the air for about 10 minutes, media reported. 

The resort has not released any statement on the issue as of Tuesday evening. A guest involved in the accident surnamed Lin reached by the Beijing Daily called on the resort to pay more attention to safety issues on the rides. 

Lin rode the roller coaster at about 1 pm on Tuesday with about 30 other guests on the train. She said the train stopped in the air when it went through about half of the ride. 

"We thought the train would accelerate as there was a down slope in front. But the train stayed absolutely still after a few minutes so we started to suspect that there was a malfunction," Lin told the Beijing Daily.

Then, two employees from the resort walked up to the train through a maintenance ladder beside the rail. They told the guests that the train would start soon. 

But later, another working crew walked up to the rail and told the guests on the train that the ride broke down and they would have to take them out of the train. 

The staff unlocked the safety belts on guests and guided them down an escape ladder. The resort compensated the visitors with a daily fast pass ticket, according to Lin.