Chinese FM urges US to treat African people with respect, responding US scheme targeting Chinese business in Zimbabwe
Published: Oct 15, 2021 06:11 PM
Zhao Lijian Photo: VCG

Zhao Lijian. Photo: VCG

In response to a US plot to smear Chinese businesses in Zimbabwe at the cost of $1,000 per fake news report, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on Friday that the international communities including the African countries have a clear understanding of the massive false information spread by the US and urged the US to do more practical work for African people.

The US plot undermining Chinese investment in Zimbabwe by smearing Chinese businesses was exposed in an article published on September 21 by Zimbabwe's largest daily newspaper The Herald. Each story, which portrays Chinese business as "unethical, reckless, without values" attracted an $1,000 fee paid by the US, the report said.

In Zimbabwe, $1,000 can help fund a poor student or buy 100 doses of COVID-19 vaccine. This is a serious matter if the US government is indeed hiring an "army" to spread rumors, as reported by local media, Zhao said during a regular press conference on Friday. 

The US has been resorted to extreme measures to discredit China and damage China-Africa relations, even paying to spread lies, Zhao said.

China and Zimbabwe have maintained a long-term friendship. Chinese firms' investment in Zimbabwe has played an active role in promoting Zimbabwe's economic recovery and improving people's livelihood. The cooperation has brought benefits to the people from both sides. In contrast, the US has not only imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe, but has also paid to funnel lies to the public.

If you don’t compare, you know nothing; but the moment you know, you will be shocked. China urges the US to show respect for African people, and play a constructive role in Africa's economic recovery and development.

Global Times