Chinese pride built on national strength as Shenzhou-13 mission reshapes world’s view on China
Published: Oct 16, 2021 06:30 PM
Shenzhou-13 crew Photo:VCG

Shenzhou-13 crew Photo:VCG

The three taikonauts onboard the Shenzhou-13 spaceship entered China's space station core module Tianhe on Saturday. The entire nation was watching and felt a shared sense of national pride. One after another, the country's major achievements are reshaping the feeling of being a Chinese. 

The latest off-world success is another showcase of China's strength and is reshaping the entire world to view China as a true space power. Aerospace has increasingly become a symbol of China, and is actively taking part in the building of China's national reputation and prestige.  

People may do the same job in different countries. But whether a country has its own space station, a powerful navy, air force and nuclear capability, whether a country has advanced 4G and 5G infrastructure and whether a country holds a vital role in the global manufacturing industry, will make the values of the job different. 

When I was young, my middle school teachers lived a poor life. But in today's China, most middle school teachers in cities are firmly middle class by global standards. With a considerable consumption ability, they can afford global brands. 

Within China, we often lament that RMB is becoming less valuable. But on the world stage, RMB remains strong. As our income increases, it has not depreciated. The very thing that pushes us at today's position of the global value chain is the continuous national achievement including Long March series and Dongfeng, as well as the fundamental transformation of China's manufacturing industry thanks to both private and state-owned companies.  

The sentiment and vision of a great power has been integrated into the blood of the Chinese people. Even while going about their daily lives, citizens feel that big national events are relevant and connected to them. Patriotism has a long history, because the Chinese people have a pure understanding of it and are emotionally attached to it. 

Some "thoughtful" people are trying to dissolve the country's common interests, but they themselves have benefited from China's rise. They are enjoying the fruit of China's rise through another means.

As China rises, when one truthfully shares the country's destiny, pride and sorrow, he can easily lead a happy life.  

The author is editor-in-chief of the Global Times. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn