China-Russia media roundtable calls for bigger role of media outlets in promoting unity and understanding
Published: Oct 21, 2021 12:58 AM
Photo: Screenshot of 2021 China-Russia Media Roundtable video conference

Photo: Screenshot of 2021 China-Russia Media Roundtable video conference

In the face of groundless slander and attacks from the US-led countries against China and Russia as well as their attempts to sow discord between the two friends, experts and media professionals from China and Russia underscored cooperation between the two countries in fighting COVID-19, and said the media could play a bigger role in enhancing bilateral ties and jointly dealing with common challenges, at the 2021 China-Russia Media Roundtable held by video link on Wednesday. 

The roundtable was organized by the Global Times and Rossiyskaya Gazeta, two official newspapers from China and Russia. Chinese and Russian experts, editors-in-chief and other staff members from the two media organizations discussed the governments' response and cooperation on combating COVID-19. They stressed that confrontations will lead to no winner and only cooperation can bring a bright future.

In the post-pandemic era, economic globalization and regional integration are irresistible. How media outlets can play a positive role in international relations was another hot topic.  

"Russia is China's most important neighbor. Safeguarding the friendship between the two countries and developing bilateral relations enjoy strong popular support in both China and Russia. The media outlets, experts and scholars of the two countries should shoulder the responsibility of promoting mutual understanding and communication between our peoples and societies," Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, said in his opening speech.

He said, "In this regard, the Global Times and Rossiyskaya Gazeta are always playing a very positive role."

Pavel Negoitsa, general director of the Editorial Office of the Rossiyskaya Gazeta, said that for the media, how to find and provide reliable information to readers and audience is very important. The media and experts participating in the roundtable can use this platform to learn from each other and exchange views, he said.

Yuri Tavrovsky, head of the Expert Council of the Russian-Chinese Committee for Friendship, Peace and Development, spoke highly of China's handling of the COVID-19 epidemic. He encouraged media to play a bigger role in more extensively expounding the successful experience of epidemic prevention and control, and deal with misunderstandings and accusations.