100 countries support China on human rights amid US-led smears at UN session
Published: Oct 22, 2021 10:27 AM Updated: Oct 22, 2021 04:45 PM
United Nations Photo:CFP


Nearly 100 countries voiced their support to China for developing its own pattern for human rights development and opposed politicizing human rights issues to suppress other countries at the 76th session of UN General Assembly on Thursday, while the US and a few Western countries started a new round of attacks on China over Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Xizang (Tibet) regions.

On behalf of 62 countries, Cuba made a joint statement on Thursday at the UN General Assembly to support China for developing its own pattern on human rights that fits its conditions and oppose other countries' interference in China's internal affairs under the banner of human rights. 

The joint statement was made at the 76th session of the UN General Assembly as the Third Committee reviewed human rights issues after a few countries, including the US and France, made groundless accusations targeting China's human rights record.

The joint statement said that respecting each country's sovereignty, integrity and independence and no interference in other countries' domestic affairs should be the basic international code. Issues on China's Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Xizang regions are China's internal affairs, and no country has the right to interfere. 

The joint statement called on countries to respect people of different countries to choose their own pattern for human rights development and opposed politicizing human rights issues or double standards, or making groundless accusations at China out of political purposes and based on disinformation. 

Kuwait, on behalf of three Gulf countries, also made a joint statement to support China and said that to deal with human rights issues, countries should abide by principles of objectiveness without politicization, the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They should also respect each country's sovereignty and not interfere in other countries' internal affairs. 

More than 30 countries also voiced their support for China at the meeting, which marked more fair and just voices at the UN platform after the 48th session of the UN Human Rights Council, Wang Wenbin, Chinese FM spokesperson, told a press conference on Friday.

On Thursday, Ambassador Zhang Jun, China's permanent representative to the UN, refuted the untenable accusations and reiterated China's stance on human rights issues, saying that China firmly opposes and refuses untenable accusations made by some countries.

It is so difficult for the US and a few countries to change their old bad habits - misusing the UN platform to make untenable accusations at China, spreading political viruses and disinformation, and poisoning the atmosphere for cooperation.  

China has actively participated in all the topics of the Third Committee and offered China's approach. On behalf of 31 countries, China made a joint statement to oppose unilateral sanctions; on behalf of 76 countries, it made a joint statement on promoting the fair distribution of vaccines; together with African countries, China also released a joint statement opposing racial discrimination, winning support from 78 countries. All these show that China and the majority of developing countries insist that communication is the right direction for promoting human rights, and cooperation is the right pattern, Zhang noted. 

I also want to tell US followers that you think you can be superior to others by obeying the superpower and playing the jackal to the tiger. But as a country that has no independence, you lost dignity and earned no respect from others, Zhang said. 

The Chinese ambassador pointed out that China has introduced the true situation in its Xinjiang region many times. Before the opening of the Third Committee, China's Permanent Mission to the UN held a joint video conference with the Xinjiang regional government and invited representatives of local residents and foreigners who had visited Xinjiang or lived there to share their stories about the region. 

The experiences and stories of more than 1,000 foreign diplomats, journalists, religious people from more than 100 countries who had visited Xinjiang shattered the lies made by some Western countries. Zhang noted that the happy life and smiles of Chinese people are the best and most true proof of China's human rights achievements. The lies made by the West can only fool themselves, not the whole world. 

Zhang also noted that China welcomes all good and kind advice but refuses lectures based on lies and political oppression, or from those who think of themselves as superior to others. China's resolve to safeguard its sovereignty, security and interests of developments is firm and unshakable. It will carry out making contributions to promote human rights work around the world.