Joseph Wu will be among the first to flee Taiwan if war breaks out despite 'picking up a weapon' rhetoric
Published: Nov 05, 2021 11:47 AM
Joseph Wu Photo:AFP

Joseph Wu Photo:AFP

In an interview with a Polish media outlet, Joseph Wu, leader of the external affairs authority of Taiwan, said that he will "pick up a weapon" himself when necessary if the Chinese mainland ever attacks the island. How ridiculous. 

Look at Wu's resume. There is no record of him serving in the army or being a war correspondent. He is one of people in Taiwan who are least likely to pick up a firearm, not to mention get involved in a war. He was born in 1954, and is now 67 years old. Saying he would "pick up a weapon" in front of the cameras is a typical scenario in which a politician offers nothing more than cheap lip service. 

Wu seems to be skilled in responding to journalists. When asked by a Polish reporter how long could Taiwan island defend itself before the US steps in to help if a war breaks out across the straits, he did not give a straightforward answer, but boasted: Taiwan is developing asymmetrical warfare capabilities and it will fight to the last minute and will win. The reporter was obviously not convinced and kept asking follow-up questions. Wu argued that Taiwan does have ways to protect itself, but he could not talk about military secrets. The most interesting response he gave was that he said democracy would win in the end, looking a bit like a cult leader who believes neither sword nor spear could hurt him because he has democratic beliefs. 

The interview fully demonstrated Wu's hypocrisy. He claimed that Taiwan island should not ask "other countries" for help or expect others to sacrifice their children to fight for Taiwan. Taiwan's greatest advantage is that it is always ready to defend itself, he noted. How touching. The public on the island expect the US to send troops to defend Taiwan if a war breaks out, but he cherishes the lives of young Americans so much. He also turned a blind eye to the polls which suggest most young people in Taiwan are unwilling to volunteer to fight a war, but said that Taiwan's young people want to fight for their island. He tried his best to perform his "responsibility" to the European and American world, struggling to create a moving situation in which the West could not help but save the self-loving Democratic Progressive Party authority. 

The "diplomatic space" of Taiwan authorities is extremely small, and Wu has almost become a "professional propagandist." He has recently been accepting interviews by media in various countries at a frantic frequency, misleading international public opinion and deceiving people on the island. He is on the mainland's sanction list of "diehard" supporters of "Taiwan independence." It is believed if a war breaks out, he must be one of the first "elites" on the island to flee Taiwan and head toward the US or another Western country. People like him would have already made plans for their escape long, long ago. 

The author is editor-in-chief of the Global Times. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn