Taiwan question will eventually be solved with China’s growing comprehensive strength
Published: Nov 07, 2021 11:43 AM
Vessels in the Taiwan Straits, July 20, 2017. /CGTN Photo

Vessels in the Taiwan Straits, July 20, 2017. /CGTN Photo

The opinion war between the mainland and Taiwan, and between Beijing and Washington around the situation in the Taiwan Straits will definitely last for a long time. You can call it “war of words.” Meanwhile, some important and in-depth changes are mounting.

The essence of the Taiwan question is about China-US relations and the competition of strength between the two. Therefore, it is not limited to the Taiwan Straits region nor just showed by military action. Rather, it is a huge and comprehensive project along with China’s rise to completely solve the Taiwan question. The fundamental competition is about the driving forces of development, the growth of power, and the strengthening determination. 

Various frictions or even unexpected accidents may occur in the Taiwan Straits at any time. The circumstances of this competition will be complicated. The one who has more momentum with their development, accumulates strength quicker and gets more solid support of its determination will gain the upper hand. This will give it advantages over points of friction and define the situational landscape to overwhelm the other side.

Therefore, mainland netizens don’t have to be impatient. Meanwhile, the Democratic Progressive Party authority in Taiwan is really anxious and wringing their hands. Washington is also worried. They will make all kinds of noise and petty moves in a bid to disturb the already solid Taiwan Straits strategy of the mainland. In response, the mainland should engage in the opinion war elegantly and calmly, take it easy, and engage with them amply and forcefully. 

Meanwhile, we must also be highly united on the Taiwan question, firmly adhere to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, support the professional team to wisely engage in the struggle, and support all actions of the People’s Liberation Army.

There will be a hot public opinion war between two sides of the Taiwan Straits, with one climax after another. We might as well handle the situation with a calm demeanor. Many people are concerned about how long it will take to resolve the Taiwan question. 

My answer is: It depends on not only the effort we make within the Taiwan Straits, but also outside. The more quickly China’s overall strength increases, the sooner the Taiwan question will be completely resolved, and the sooner the US will eventually be forced to accept China’s reunification.  

The author is editor-in-chief of the Global Times. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn