Update: NE China's Jilin raises cash reward to hunt down foreign jail breaker 27 days after his escape
Published: Nov 15, 2021 06:30 PM

A reward notice released by local police on November 14 Photo: internet

A reward notice released by local police on November 14 Photo: internet

The reward to hunt down a foreign jail breaker in Northeast China's Jilin Province was raised from 150,000 yuan ($23,333) to 500,000 yuan, 27 days after he escaped from the prison in October.

Anyone who offers tip-offs to capture the prisoner Zhu Xianjian (transliteration) will be awarded with 500,000 yuan, read a notice from Jilin's Public Security Bureau on Sunday. 

The topic related to the prison break had triggered a heated discussion among Chinese netizens when the prison released the reward notice. The notice said Zhu escaped the prison by climbing the canopies to the prison wall after work. His whereabouts are still unknown. 

The escaped prisoner was born on October 13, 1982, and is 160 center meters tall. The person has a single eyelid, melon seed-like face, small eyes, and wore prison work clothes outside and a dark sweater and pants inside during the escape, the notice said. There is no registered residence information about him.

The man was recently spotted at a wedding ceremony in a village near Yongji county in Jilin. He claimed to be a friend of the bride, media reports said. Police are searching for the man in a 150-kilometer radius around the county.

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