Chinese star Lay Zhang, member of K-pop boy band EXO, sues netizens who allegedly started rumors
Published: Nov 23, 2021 08:14 PM
Zhang Yixing

Zhang Yixing

The studio of actor and singer Zhang Yixing, who was also known as Lay Zhang in South Korean boy band EXO, announced on Tuesday on Sina Weibo that the star is suing two netizens who they claim started and spread rumors about him and has requested them to apologize as well as compensate the star for damages. The announcement got the support of netizens on social media.

The announcement was published on Tuesday, a day before the star is set to address the Forum on Internet Media of China, one of the most authoritative forums in the field of Chinese internet media, in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong Province on Wednesday.

The announcement said that the studio brought a suit against these two netizens on November 8, requesting the court to order platforms including Chinese media review platform Douban to hand over their personal information for investigation and to determine their legal liability.

Zhang and his studio's action comes as major reforms are underway concerning the Chinese internet and entertainment industry. 
"The internet is not a lawless land. We should positively react to the cleanup campaign conducted by the Cyberspace Administration of China… and jointly build a healthy internet environment."

Zhang has always been active in supporting government policies. He will address the forum on Wednesday on how to be an advanced entertainer in the new era.

"Good job! I stand with Lay Zhang and approve his action to guard his legal rights, and everyone should be responsible for their own behaviors," one of Zhang's fans surnamed Wang based in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province told the Global Times on Tuesday, representing most voices online.