Officials in Central China’s Henan punished after market watchdog official’s dogs attacked a senior citizen
Published: Nov 24, 2021 08:43 PM
Photo: Screenshot from Sina Weibo

Photo: Screenshot from Sina Weibo

Several officials from Anyang city in Central China's Henan Province were punished after a local senior citizen was attacked by two dogs owned by an official from the local market supervision department, which stirred public criticism. 

The dog owner named Wang Xingang worked at the local market supervision department and has since been removed from his position. Several other officials from the local market watchdog were also punished for covering up for Wang and neglection of their duties. 

On September 20, a 76-year-old woman who was walking in a residential compound in Anyang was unexpectedly attacked by two large dogs on a leash. 

However, after the woman reported the incident to the local police, Wang refused to admit that his dogs committed the attack. 

The victim took a rabies vaccine after the incident and was diagnosed with a third-degree exposure wound. Since then, she has suffered from anxiety, insomnia and high blood pressure. 

However, despite local media's exposure of the case and the local market supervision department having urged the perpetrator to handle the incident properly, Wang insisted that he wouldn't make an apology. 

The victim's family members were even threated by some people with extendable sticks used by police officers in a conflict in front of the gate of the local market watchdog. 

The incident stirred heated discussions on social media after extensive media exposure, which finally forced Wang to make an apology on November 19. 

On that same day, a working group was set up to thoroughly investigate the incident. 

According to the investigation, the two dogs were trained and microchipped. They were registered with the China Working Dog Management Association who explained that the registration cannot prove they were working dogs. 

Meanwhile, the authority in Anyang is carrying out a comprehensive investigation and rectification on fierce dogs and large dog breeds to ensure that such incidents do not occur again. 

The working group also found that the extendable sticks were not equipment from the police. The relative authority has punished those involved and confiscated the extendable sticks in accordance with laws. 

At present, the victim is in a stable condition but in low spirits and will need to recover gradually. 

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