As US alienates definition of democracy, China should walk a bright road of whole-process people's democracy
Published: Dec 04, 2021 10:56 AM
Illustrator: Liu Xidan/GT

Illustrator: Liu Xidan/GT

The US has gradually alienated the definition of democracy and tried to monopolize the right to define it. What China needs to do is to restore the original political intent of democracy. Our pursuit of whole-process people's democracy will become a valuable practice for all human beings.

I believe this is the great and glorious mission of China led by the Communist Party of China. The success of whole-process people's democracy should be tested and defined by the continuous success of the entire country. The most important thing is to do two things well: First, the country should continue to advance faster than the economic and social development of major Western-style democracies; Second, China should explore a path to common prosperity under conditions of market economy. It is not easy to do either of these two, but China must do them well to satisfy its citizens and convince the world. 

In terms of common prosperity, the market economy will naturally drive income and welfare gaps. So far, both the US and India - the most developed country and the largest developing country  under the Western system - have serious gaps between the rich and the poor. Only some small societies alleviate this problem by providing high welfare. As the world's largest society, China is facing multiple missions. It is necessary to find out the mechanism of common prosperity and embed it in the process of China's striving and let it be integrated with other missions. This exploration is certainly groundbreaking. It is the most serious exploration and fulfillment of human beings' beautiful ideals. 

Mankind is gradually solving the problems of hunger and poverty, but the impetus for development is insufficient and the issue of equity is particularly difficult to be addressed. Western democracy, especially the most typical US democracy, has been seriously overdrawn. Its positive aspects have almost been exhausted. China should be confident. We should walk a bright and convincing road of whole-process people's democracy. The proposal of this concept is equivalent to the declaration of China's goals. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is also the great process of whole-process people's democracy from establishment to perfection.

The author is editor-in-chief of the Global Times. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn