US still sows seeds of disaster for ‘terrible consequences’ on Taiwan: Global Times editorial
Published: Dec 04, 2021 11:30 PM
Illustration:Liu Rui/GT

Illustration:Liu Rui/GT

When US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was asked whether "China would invade" the island of Taiwan during a conference on Friday, he claimed that any such move would have "terrible consequences." What a deranged question and answer. It is blatantly defying international law and the basic norms of international relations.

Taiwan is an inalienable part of China. A total of 180 countries, including the US, all recognize the one-China principle. The so-called proposition that "China invades Taiwan" is completely false. Some in the US hype up this false idea, which is pure interference in China's internal affairs.

We must warn that the Taiwan question will only be decided by the entire Chinese people. The Chinese nation has a glorious tradition of opposing division and maintaining unity. China has sufficient strength to defend its core interests. 

We must be vigilant that Taiwan secessionists are the biggest obstacle to China's reunification and a serious hidden danger to the Chinese nation's rejuvenation. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authority does not accept the 1992 Consensus, its intention to seek secessionism is not dead and it has never stopped acts to seek secessionism. This is the source of disaster. The US instigates Taiwan secessionists to rely on foreign forces to raise their own position and frantically build up momentum. Washington elites are trying all means to stockpile "flammable materials" in the Taiwan Straits and even send out sparks to scare people from time to time. This is risk gathering and sowing the seeds of disaster.

It is impossible for us to sit and watch Taiwan secessionists act rampantly. We must maintain a strong deterrence. If there are any "terrible consequences," they can only be created by Taiwan secessionists fed by some US forces. To seek secession, they attempt to take 23 million Taiwan compatriots hostage and want them to bear "terrible consequences" together. Their intention is nothing short of evil.

Indeed, the Taiwan secessionist forces are vulnerable. They need Washington to maintain their existence. People can see it clearly that Washington has not given Taiwan secessionists what they want the most. Blinken repeated his cliché during the conference on Friday and kept some of his expressions just vague enough. For example, when faced the question of whether the US could commit to send military forces to Taiwan in the event of an "invasion," Blinken controlled his words to the extent that the US would "resolutely committed" to making sure that "Taiwan has the means to defend itself." He was obviously saving room to maneuver. The US and Taiwan are now moving forward in small steps by using salami-slicing tactics. This reflects their cunning and cowardice, but also reflects the actual effect of the mainland's strategic deterrence.

If some US politicians think they can achieve the purpose of disrupting the pace of China's development simply by uttering provocative words, it just shows how ignorant and foolish they are. The Chinese people's determination, firm will and unbreakable ability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity are forged in the long history of struggle, which is as solid as rock and indestructible. In the face of historical torrents, any attempt to create divisions and block China's reunification will never succeed.