Hong Kong singer and actress Miriam Yeung moves her family to Shanghai
Published: Dec 08, 2021 02:41 AM
Miriam Yeung Photo: VCG

Miriam Yeung Photo: VCG

Hong Kong singer and actress Miriam Yeung, who gained wide popularity among the Chinese public for her movies and songs, moved her family to Shanghai and enrolled her son in an international school in the city as early as April this year, according to Hong Kong media reports. 

Yeung's 9-year-old son, Torres, reportedly studies at a school where tuition fees are as high as 280,000 yuan ($43,943) per year, according to Hong Kong media.

Yeung is not the first Hong Kong star who has migrated to a mainland city in recent years. 

With growing numbers of Hong Kong stars developing their careers on the mainland in recent years, many have also moved their families to avoid traveling between Hong Kong and the mainland. 

Hong Kong actor Jordan Chan and his actress wife Cherrie Ying also moved their family to Shanghai last year for the good international education their son can receive in the city. 

Other Hong Kong or Taiwan celebrities who moved to mainland cities like Shanghai and Beijing include Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung, Taiwan singer and actress Annie Shizuka Inoh, Taiwan singer Nicholas Wu and Taiwan actor Steve Ma. 

Apart from the reason that they want their children to receive elite international education in these big mainland cities, these metropolis offer them good opportunities to further develop their careers which Hong Kong or Taiwan can no longer offer. 

Many of these performers used to be superstars but their fame has faded now. However, the mainland entertainment market has been providing a large stage for such stars with a series of reality shows such as Sisters Who Make Waves, a talent show for female performers over 30 years old. Many actresses no longer in their prime ushered in for a second shot on their careers by participating in the reality show. 

Besides, other Hong Kong and Taiwan stars claimed that they choose to settle down in the mainland moved by patriotism. Taiwan singer Emil Wakin Chau, whose songs were very popular in the 1980s and 1990s, has settled down in Beijing and claims that now he is absolutely a Beijinger. 

Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse Ting-fung, who gained worldwide popularity for starring in movies and TV shows over the past decades and now is developing his career in mainland successfully, said in an interview he was applying to renounce his Canadian citizenship, adding that he was born in Hong Kong and is a Chinese national. 

On China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo, many netizens mentioned that it is reasonable for these stars to move their families to mainland cities where there are more opportunities. They said it shows a good momentum in the mainland cities which are increasingly developing. 

Other netizens welcomed these Hong Kong and Taiwan superstars who used to be real accomplished actors and actresses.