Inviting Hong Kong fugitive to ‘Summit for Democracy’ proves US desecration of authentic democracy: Global Times editorial
Published: Dec 08, 2021 09:35 PM
US democracy Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

US democracy Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

The US has invited Nathan Law Kwun-chung, a suspect wanted by the Hong Kong police, to make a speech on the upcoming "Summit for Democracy." This is proof that the US still desires to incite social disturbances in Hong Kong, and that this summit itself hosted by the US is an ugly farce showing no respect to the bottom line of civilization.  

Nathan Law is a despicable sinner and a soulless pawn at the mercy of others. Hong Kong Secretary for Security Chris Tang Ping-keung summarized accurately in his strongly worded statement issued on Tuesday night condemning those Hong Kong secessionists. Tang branded Law as a despicable coward and traitor who participated in riots and fled Hong Kong. Tang said Law's repeated political lies and comments slandering the Chinese central government and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government expose his evil intention. Tang also said Law has even breached the national security law for Hong Kong by making secessionist remarks. Hong Kong's Commissioner of Police Raymond Siu Chak-yee said that Law's fleeing from Hong Kong is a cowardice move, and he has no right to represent any Hong Kong people. 

It is certain that the US cannot confuse the Hong Kong people who hate "black-clad violence" and "Lam chau (mutual assured destruction)," with even more anti-China remarks and political lies made by Law the fugitive. The development of democracy in Hong Kong can never rely on such a coward recklessly damaging the interests of the public, hiding under the shelter of Western countries and acting as their obedient running dog.

Here is a query for the US: By inviting Law, does the US want to tell the world that Edward Snowden on the US' wanted list should be invited to international conferences?

Here is another query for the US: Why didn't they pick a few of those who attacked the US Capitol in January to attend the so-called summit for democracy?

The US, of course, will not do so because they are hypocrites who uphold double standards. The US is greedy to acquire strategic advantages and maintain its hegemonic interests, by means of both its attempt to contain China's development with the help from anti-China rioters in Hong Kong, and its "small gang." 

The US convened the "summit for democracy" to start a strategic competition with China on a deeper level with the greatest intensity. It picked off a fig leaf to cover itself in a swollen-headed manner, not realizing that the phrase "fake democracy" had already been written on that leaf due to its own actions. After all, it is the same old trick of ignoring and misinterpreting "democracy" that the US has always played in front of the world.

China is serious in its research into the definition of democracy. The country on Saturday released a white paper entitled "China: Democracy That Works," in which great truth and righteous cause were told and made clear. We would like to highlight that democracy is not something for decoration, but something to solve people's problems that need to be solved. It is not democratic to measure the world's rich and colorful political systems with the same single ruler and to look at the colorful political civilizations of humankind with a monotonous view.

The US should correct its attitude toward democracy, something that is the right of the peoples of all nations, but not exclusive for only a few countries. Humankind's exploration and practice of democracy will never end. The US is in no position to regard its own messy "pro forma democracy" that cannot really solve people's concerns as a model to demand other countries to accept and copy it or even impose it on them. The US has gathered up the lackeys in its gang, including those Hong Kong and Taiwan secessionist forces, to maliciously attack China through hyping up lies. This way, it tries to cover up its real evil intentions. Nonetheless, it will make people see more clearly that the US has gone too far on the path away from the true meaning of democracy.

It must be pointed out that the "summit for democracy" is a desecration of authentic democracy. The international community should be highly alert to such destructive activities as attempting to tear apart the world and create confrontations around the world only to maintain the US' so-called dominant position.