Lifting restrictions based on personal judgement is not humanitarian aid: Chinese envoy
Published: Dec 22, 2021 11:56 AM
The Red Cross Society of China provides materials to the Afghan Red Crescent Society. Photo: Website of Embassy of China in Afghanistan

The Red Cross Society of China provides materials to the Afghan Red Crescent Society. Photo: Website of Embassy of China in Afghanistan

It is not acceptable to put more conditions and restrictions on humanitarian and live-saving assistance to Afghanistan, Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Wang Yu tweeted on Tuesday after China vetoed a US draft resolution on Monday to provide conditional exemptions on Afghanistan's frozen assets. 

Originally, there were no shackles on your neck, then somebody came to offer you help to remove those shackles but they will only "be lifted for a certain period." Then, "that person will decide whether to put the shackle on you again based on his judgement," Wang tweeted. 

China opposed a US draft resolution at the UN Security Council on "humanitarian exceptions" to economic sanctions imposed on Afghanistan, AFP reported.

"Humanitarian aid and life-saving assistance should be able to reach the Afghan people without any hindrance. Artificially created conditions or restrictions are not acceptable," Zhang Jun, China's permanent representative to the UN, tweeted on Tuesday. 

The escalating humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan has attracted global attention with the international community calling for more efforts to help the Afghan people during the winter. The US has also been urged to release Afghanistan's frozen assets. 

China has made continuous efforts to help the Afghan people. On Tuesday, the Chinese Mission to the UN tweeted that since November 1, 1,170 tons of Afghan pine nuts have reached China on 26 flights, generating an income of $16 million for Afghan people. "Small pine nuts become a source for life-saving and livelihood. Afghan people need humanitarian aid. They also deserve support for economic development," read the tweet. 

Besides, the Red Cross Society of China provided over 10 million yuan ($1.6 million) worth of assistant materials to the Afghan Red Crescent Society, covering sectors including medical care, people's livelihood and education, demonstrating the profound friendship between people from the two countries. 

Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Wang Yu and the Afghan Red Crescent Society President Matiul Haq Khalis attended the ceremony held in Kabul on Tuesday.

It is hoped that the supplies provided by the Red Cross Society of China will help alleviate the challenges faced by many Afghan people during the cold winter, Ambassador Wang said. 

The president of the Afghan Red Crescent Society expressed gratitude to China for its kindness and promised that the Society will distribute the goods in a transparent and fair manner. Today is a good day for the needy Afghan people to receive valuable aid from China, which will greatly ease the difficult situation here, Matiul Haq Khalis said. 

He mentioned that China has always been one of Afghanistan's best neighbors. In addition to the supplies, China has recently provided various kinds of assistance. He hoped that the two countries will continue to expand trade, which will be a long-term strategy to help Afghanistan reach self-sufficiency. 

More than 1,500 tons of pine nuts from Afghanistan have been sold to China since November with 26 tons sold within two hours. Pine nuts are not only delicious, but also fill the hearts of the Chinese people to support the Afghan people, Wang noted. Afghanistan resumed pine nut export to China through air corridors in October.

Friendship between China and Afghanistan dates back to ancient times. For more than 2,000 years, the two peoples have always respected and supported each other. In the face of economic and humanitarian difficulties, China is doing its best to help people in Afghanistan, Wang said.

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