Working group set up in Central China to investigate incident involving teacher who 'supported' inappropriate comments on Nanjing Massacre
Published: Dec 24, 2021 01:23 PM
Photo: CFP

Photo: CFP

Local authorities in Xiangxi, Central China's Hunan Province on Friday said they have set up a working group to investigate an incident involving a school teacher surnamed Li, who reportedly supported another Shanghai teacher's improper comments on the notorious Nanjing Massacre, triggering a heated discussion afterwards.

Considering Li has been pregnant and was diagnosed with "mood disorder," Li will stay in hospital for further treatment; as for her improper actions backing comments on the notorious Nanjing Massacre, education will be conducted after she is discharged from hospital, according to a statement by the local government of Xiangxi Tujiazu & Miaozu Autonomous Prefecture released on Friday.

A teacher surnamed Song from Shanghai Aurora College was fired for questioning the number of casualties during the notorious Nanjing Massacre. Song's lecture was recorded by a student and posted online, triggering public outrage among Chinese netizens.

On December 17, Weibo account "Xiangxi teacher Li Tiantian" posted improper comments backing teacher Song, which was reported by netizens, according to the statement. The Weibo account was registered by a teacher from Yongshun county surnamed Li.

Li is suspected of posting in support of Song, writing that she believes that Song's lectures did not have any problems at all, but instead the problem lay with her students, the school and others.

On the afternoon of December 18, related working staff went to Li's home and asked about the situation. During the period, Li suddenly lost control and intended to take radical action, which was stopped by staff on the site immediately, said the statement. 

Li was diagnosed with depression in 2013 while studying at university. Her condition worsened in April this year, and she had been to a local mental hospital for further checks. Li had been on leave for treatment and recovery, the statement noted.

Li was diagnosed with "mood disorder (bipolar)" and doctors suggested hospitalization on December 19. Li finally agreed to take treatment in hospital after her family member persuaded her, but her emotions have been unsteady. The statement said that Li has been transferred to People's Hospital in Yongshun county for further treatment based on her own decision.

The topic related to Li received over 30 million reads on Sina Weibo as of press time, with many calling for a right attitude to be taken toward history.

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