HK separatist Edward Leung reportedly to be released early next week; 'to receive more severe punishment if violates law again'
Published: Jan 10, 2022 10:37 PM
Edward Leung File Photo: Screenshot of HK media

Edward Leung File Photo: Screenshot of HK media

Jailed Hong Kong separatist Edward Leung will reportedly be released early on January 19. Among social concerns as to whether he would continue to conduct separatist activities, damaging the hard-earned stability of Hong Kong, observers noted that the only and best way for him is to abide by the law and social discipline, otherwise he would receive more severe punishment.      

The environment of Hong Kong nowadays is different due to the implementation of the National Security Law for the city. Leung, as well as other activists like him, would not be able to "make any waves" after being released, a legal expert on Hong Kong and Macao-related issues told the Global Times on Monday.     

Edward Leung, 30, the former convenor of the political group Hong Kong Indigenous, was sentenced by Hong Kong's High Court in 2018 to six years in jail after pleading guilty to assaulting a police officer during the Mong Kok riot in February 2016.

He is also the one who created the protest slogan, "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times" as he used it in the by-election for the Hong Kong Legislative Council in January 2016. 

The Hong Kong regional government said in July 2020 that the slogan is pro-separatist and subversive.

According to Hong Kong media, Leung had his sentence commuted by one-third due to his good behavior in prison. He will leave the Shek Pik Prison on Lantau Island on the morning of January 19. 

But said Leung was released early after holidays were deducted from the penalty, citing unnamed sources from Hong Kong correctional services department.

Leung will still be under the supervision of local law enforcement and national security authorities, according to media reports. 

Citing unidentified source close to Leung, local media said Leung did bookbinding in the prison. He maintained good relationships with his cellmates and changed his opinions about many things after four years in prison. 

He would try to keep a low profile after being released. 

In October 2021, local legislators asked Hong Kong security chief Chris Tang Ping-keung how to deal with the case as some influential separatist activists like Leung would be released soon. 

Tang answered at that time that any person would be dealt with seriously according to the laws if they committed crimes, especially those involving the National Security Law for Hong Kong.

Media reports said in 2020 that Leung had tried to sell his political views to his cellmates, which indicated that he showed no remorse.

If the related authority decided to release him before his sentence ends, they must have already considered all aspects of Leung's behavior in prison, including the reported tricks, the abovementioned expert said.

The only and best lifestyle for Leung is to abide by the law and social discipline, or he certainly would receive more severe punishment, the expert noted.