Chinese Embassy in UK slams HK protesters who attacked, threatened a Chinese citizen during protest
Published: Jan 12, 2022 12:01 PM
Rioters break items during a protest in September 2019 in Hong Kong. Photo: AFP

Rioters break items during a protest in September 2019 in Hong Kong. Photo: AFP


The Chinese Embassy in the UK Wednesday slammed villainous behavior of some Hong Kong protesters for threatening and attacking a Chinese citizen during their previous protest in Manchester.  

A Chinese woman was attacked and surrounded by some Hong Kong protesters when she bravely debated and tried to stop them from spreading ideas aimed at disturbing Hong Kong and referring to China using a derogatory term during their protest on Sunday, reports said.

These protesters then committed internet violence against the Chinese citizen, exposing the victim's personal information and even sent death threats to her and her employees. We strongly condemn such villainous behavior, the embassy spokesperson said in a statement released on Wednesday.

The spokesperson said that the Consulate General in Manchester called the woman to assure her that the embassy sympathized with her situation. The embassy also urged UK police to find the attackers and protect the victim.

Many Hong Kong black-clad protesters fled to the UK after the national security for Hong Kong took effect in 2020.

According to the video circulating on the internet, the protesters on held Hong Kong and Xizang separating flags and shouted Hong Kong separating slogans.  

The woman, whose surname was given as Wang in media reports, said that at the beginning, she tried to reasonably debate with them and ask them to leave the front of her shop. But they insulted China and physically attacked her. 

Global Times