FM uses slideshow to expose anti-China forces’ lies on Xinjiang
Published: Jan 14, 2022 09:38 PM
Wang Wenbin, spokesperson for China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Photo: VCG

Wang Wenbin, spokesperson for China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Photo: VCG

Fabricating reports with numerous loopholes, hiring "actresses" to play as "victims," covering malicious purposes of disturbing China's Xinjiang region with excuses on human rights… Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin on Friday used more than 20 slides to refute disinformation and rumors made by anti-China "scholars," the US and Western media, and the terrorist organization "World Uyghur Congress." 

For a long time, some US politicians, together with anti-China organizations, blatantly spread disinformation on China's Xinjiang and hyped topics of "genocide" and "forced labor" for their unspeakable political purposes, Wang said at the routine press conference.

Wang then presented more than 20 slides to show how to quickly see through lies on Xinjiang. 

"Liars always need the disguise," Wang noted, pointing out that lies on Xinjiang were made under the disguise of a so-called academic report or research. 

The notorious Adrian Zenz claims to be a scholar but made numerous lies on China's Xinjiang region. Zenz claimed that 70 percent of Xinjiang's cotton was picked by hands, which contradicts the fact that the mechanization rate in cotton harvesting in Xinjiang has reached 85 percent, the spokesperson said.

An institution that spreads disinformation on China's Xinjiang is the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI). In a report released by the institution in September 2020, it claimed to mark more than 380 spots in a map of the region as "concentration" camps according to a satellite image. However, after verification, 343 of the spots are hospitals, schools or residential buildings. Wang said that "It is more suitable to call ASPI a machine of lies." 

In the slideshow, Wang also exposed the lies of some actresses who claimed to be "victims" in "camps" of Xinjiang but their "testimonies" were not only full of loopholes but also contradict previous remarks in public. 

All these institutions, "scholars" and "victims" were puppets for one master, Wang noted, pointing out their relations to the US government. "It is not hard to see that the real makers of these lies who also got benefits from spreading these lies are the anti-China forces in the US," Wang said, noting that making lies to smear China, disturb China's stability and contain China is the first strategic step for these anti-China forces. 

Times have changed and the world is developing with people's capability to identify lies. Lies made by these anti-China forces will not destroy the Xinjiang region's stability, not muffle the justified voice made by the international community, but will only expose the liars and wicked schemers, Wang said. 

The clouds cannot cover the sun and those who made the lies of the century are doomed to fail and will be nailed to the hall of shame, Wang said. 

Global Times