A woman stuck in her blind date's home ends up engaged with him
Published: Jan 18, 2022 10:45 PM
Zhao Xiaoqing (right) and Zhao Fei Photo: Web

Zhao Xiaoqing (right) and Zhao Fei Photo: Jimu News

She did not even expect to stay over when she embarked on the journey to her blind date's home some 140 kilometers away. Yet, a snap COVID-19 lockdown trapped them together for a month and now, they decided to get engaged.

Twenty eight-year-old Zhao Xiaoqing from Baoji, Northwest China's Shaanxi Province, travelled to Xianyang, in the same province, in mid-December 2021, to visit her blind date, Zhao Fei.

"I was going to visit his parents and head home. I even did not want to stay over. It is awkward," Zhao said. But to her surprise, she was unable to go back to her home because a sudden lockdown was declared in Xianyang. 

Zhao said she felt awkward at first, but her date's family was very friendly and she got used to it. 

Zhao Xiaoqing said that after spending one week in Zhao Fei's place, his parents urged them to seal the knot of marriage but she felt that was too early. 

After spending 20 days with Zhao Fei, she discovered that they had many things in common and eventually developed a relationship. 

"I livestream in his place to sell apples and he is there, no matter how late it is. It really touched me and we plan to get engaged after the lockdown is lifted, which will probably be by the Chinese New Year on February 1," Zhao Xiaoqing said. 

She also livestreamed her experience with Zhao Fei, attracting many viewers. "I found love during the quarantine. This is the biggest gift I had in 2021," Zhao Xiaoqing said. 

She also mentioned that when she saw Zhao Fei's picture, she was not very interested. However, she found the him to be cuter than how he looks in pictures. "Our souls clicked," she said. 

The happy couple's future plan is to explore sales on e-commerce and sell apples from their hometown.