Update on Jiang Ge murder case: Roommate appeals after Jiang’s mother wins lawsuit
Published: Jan 24, 2022 07:08 PM
Jiang Qiulian, mother of the victim, Jiang Ge Photo: VCG

Jiang Qiulian, mother of the victim, Jiang Ge Photo: VCG

 Liu Nuanxi, the roommate of Jiang Ge, a Chinese student who was stabbed to death by Liu's ex-boyfriend while studying in Japan, lodged an appeal on Monday after Jiang's mother won the lawsuit against her on January 10. 

Monday marked the last day for Liu to make a decision on whether to appeal. Liu's lawyer told on Monday that she has lodged an appeal but declined to reveal more information. 

In the appeal, Liu argued that the judgment of the first instance lacked factual evidence and applied the law incorrectly, and requested the court of the second instance to remand the case for a retrial or to change the judgment.

Jiang Ge was fatally stabbed at the age of 24 by her roommate Liu Xin's ex-boyfriend Chen Shifeng, outside Liu's rented apartment in Tokyo on November 3, 2016. 

Chen was sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment on charges of manslaughter and intimidation by a court in Tokyo on December 20, 2017.

Jiang Ge's case has triggered heated discussion on Chinese social media with many netizens saying that Liu should be held accountable for Jiang's death as she knowingly locked Jiang outside the apartment when Jiang was being attacked by Liu's stalker ex-boyfriend. 

Having been swirled into the public opinion, Liu later changed her name from Liu Xin to Liu Nuanxi.  

Jiang Qiulian, mother of Jiang Ge, launched a lawsuit against Liu in October 2018, seeking a compensation of 2.07 million yuan for her daughter's death, other economic losses and emotional damages. She was also upset about some inappropriate posts Liu made about her daughter on Sina Weibo.

On January 10, a court in Qingdao, East China's Shandong Province, ruled that Liu should bear responsibility and ordered her to pay nearly 700,000 yuan (US$110,000) in compensation to the mother.

Facing Liu's appeal, the mother posted on Sina Weibo on Monday saying that she did not feel surprised about Liu's appeal and she will respond in accordance with the law. 

Global Times