Liaison Office chief stresses HK’s future lies in integration into nation’s overall devt in new year address
Published: Jan 26, 2022 10:53 PM
Luo Huining Photo:Xinhua

Luo Huining Photo:Xinhua

During a New Year address to Hong Kong society on Wednesday, the central government's top official in Hong Kong expressed confidence in the "one country, two systems," spoke highly of the city's new changes following the implementation of the national security law and the improvement of the electoral system, and stressed that the future of Hong Kong lies in the city resolutely integrating into the overall development of the country.     

At the beginning of the livestreaming of the address Wednesday afternoon, Luo Huining, the head of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) greeted Hong Kong residents in Cantonese. 

He said that last year marked the convergence of China's two centenary goals. Last year also marked a new chapter for the practice of "one country, two systems" in Hong Kong. 

The city has taken on a new look following the further implementation of the National Security Law, the improvement to the electoral system, the successful completion of two major elections and the implementation of the principle of "patriots administering Hong Kong," Luo noted.

Over the past 25 years, Hong Kong has encountered a multitude of challenges, including the onslaught of major epidemics and economic crises, the noxious politics of "black terror" and "mutual destruction," and persistent attempts by some people to misdirect the course of democratic development and to destabilize Hong Kong. However, under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China and with the firm support of the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong has surmounted those challenges and held its ground, he said. 

Some Hong Kong lawmakers reached by the Global Times also showed confidence in "one country, two systems," saying that they believe that the mechanism would definitely work well and sustainably.     

Nixie Lam, a lawmaker of the 7th Legislative Council (LegCo), told the Global Times on Wednesday that as a Hong Kong lawmaker, she deeply feels the institutional advantages after the improvement to the electoral system. 

The 7th LegCo of Hong Kong completed its first meeting on January 12 after the electoral reform ensured that only patriots can govern the HKSAR. The chamber not only featured a new look that underscores the constitutional status of the city, but was also filled with a rational and constructive atmosphere. 

The first meeting was held with the Chinese national emblem hanging above Hong Kong's bauhinia insignia in the main chamber, a new display of a national symbol underscoring the constitutional status of the HKSAR as one of China's regions. 

The new display also reflects that "one country" always goes before "two systems," serving as a reminder for all the 90 lawmakers that they should not only focus on the affairs in Hong Kong but also on the overall national interest, which Carrie Lam, chief executive of the HKSAR said was "a milestone" for the local political system. 

The Legislative Council showed a brand new look with a broader and deeper coverage and discussion of topics. More lawmakers really got down to dealing with problems concerning people's livelihood and all of us hope to help promote the improvement, Nixie Lam said.

As to some foreign politicians' hype of Hong Kong-related affairs, Nixie Lam said that only law-abiding Hong Kong residents have the final say on the city's situation after the improvement in the electoral system.

Luo also noted in his stressed that any attempts by anti-China forces and local saboteurs to disrupt Hong Kong are doomed to fail as Hong Kong has turned a new page after restoring order from chaos.