Qingdao Airlines worker killed in airport accident; case being investigated
Published: Jan 26, 2022 11:21 PM
File photo: CFP

File photo: CFP

Qingdao Airlines said on Wednesday that one of its staff had been killed in an accident at Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport on Monday, and the case is being investigated by civil aviation regulators. The accident happened while an empty plane was being towed away from the maintenance apron at the airport.

The on-site personnel called for first aid and called the police but the rescue was unsuccessful, the company said, while expressing its deep condolences. Qingdao Airlines said it has set up a special working group and is doing its best to care for the victim's family.

On January 24, CAAC East China Regional Administration released a notice mentioning the accident and a risk warning, according to The Paper on Wednesday. When the empty plane was being towed, the staff member's work card dropped out and the person bent down to pick it up. Another member of staff was not equipped with audible and visual alarm devices to inform the tow truck driver to stop towing, resulting in the staff member being crushed by the main wheel of the aircraft, the report said.

The notice called on all units to strictly follow the safety rules including properly using audible and visual alarm equipment or similar facilities, and having a clear cooperation mechanism to ensure working staff can issue alerts and confirm the response.

On Monday morning, an Airbus A320 airplane involved in the accident was towed to another position by maintenance personnel, and it was at this point that the accident occurred, according to media reports.

The accident drew netizens' attention and gained over 68 million clicks on Chinese twitter-like Weibo as of press time, with many netizens expressing their condolences and calling for stricter regulation. "All the personnel should follow the operation rules strictly and we are waiting for the investigation results," one netizen wrote.