China's immigration policy to continue to be strict but avoid one-size-fits-all approach
Published: Jan 27, 2022 11:03 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection

Photo: Courtesy of Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection

With many expressing concerns about whether China's immigration policies will be relaxed in the new year, the National Immigration Administration said on Thursday that amid the ongoing pandemic it will continue to adopt a strict policy but will avoid oversimplifying matters and "one-size-fits-all" solutions. 

Replying to a question about difficulties in applying for passports and foreigners encountering various restrictions upon coming to China, the administration said in a press conference on Thursday that it has been following epidemic prevention and control rules and the common practice of tight foreigner entry policies. It has also been advising locals not to leave the country for non-essential reasons. 

The administration has been making dynamic adjustments according to the situation of the pandemic, and has asked all levels of immigration departments to offer differentiated solutions for each case and to avoid oversimplifying matters, said Chen Jie, spokesperson for the administration. 

"For those applying to go abroad for study, employment, business and other specific needs, and for those coming to China for trade, science and technology events and urgent humanitarian reasons, the immigration agencies will issue entry and exit documents in time after examining their applications," Chen said. 

The immigration agencies will give priority to Chinese citizens leaving and entering the country to attend international epidemic prevention events as well as to resume work and production, he added. 

The administration will continue to facilitate visa application and living permits for foreigners in China, helping to build a healthy, safe and orderly environment for the movement of people between China and overseas. 

Chen stressed that the virus import situation is still serious, with an accelerated spread of new variants. He called on personnel with immigration needs to follow relevant rules and reduce non-urgent trips, as well as to value the achievements that China has made so far in fighting the pandemic.