Mongolia, China share broad potential to develop cooperation, conduct joint training in winter sports: Mongolian envoy to China
Published: Jan 31, 2022 09:32 PM
Editors Note:

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will kick off on Friday, with the world awaiting this grand sports event to unleash potential for countries to foster cooperation and connectivity under the Olympic spirit. In an exclusive interview with the Global Times, Mongolian Ambassador to China Tuvshin Badral shared his views on the upcoming Winter Olympics and how the winter sports may find its roots in boosting bilateral ties.

Photo: Yin Yeping/GT
Photo: Yin Yeping/GT

GT: What is your current plan on participating in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games?

Badral: Prime Minister of Mongolia Luvsannamsrai Oyun-Erdene has expressed Mongolia's solidarity and confirmed his participation in relevant activities of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic, as Olympic Games are an event that symbolizes unity and friendship among mankind. I will take part in the Prime Minister's visit and will attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics. I also hope that we will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the games.

GT: What expectations do you have for the Games? How much do you know the details regarding the preparation of the Games?

Badral: The Beijing Winter Olympics are being organized within the challenging circumstances of the global pandemic. In the midst of the pandemic wave, official delegations and athletes from many countries are coming to participate in the Olympic games and events, creating a high risk of infection. This is the obvious reason why the Winter Olympics, being an outcome of over six years of hard work of the organizers, will be held under such strict prevention and control measures.

The President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach, stressed in his recent remark that China's preparations for the Winter Olympics were well done in the light of the pandemic situation. Therefore, we are confident that the Winter Olympics will be delivered in a "simple, safe and splendid" way as Chinese President Xi Jinping said.

GT: Could you please introduce to our readers your national delegation to the Games? What specific preparations have the delegations members made for the Games?

Badral: Mongolian athletes won the countrys first Olympic gold medals in judo and boxing at the 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing. Therefore, Mongolians always feel auspicious toward the Olympic Games held in China, our important neighbor.

For this Winter Olympic Games, Mongolia has two athletes, both for the men's and women's Cross-country skiing. As our athletes were trained in Switzerland on tracks and fields which meet international standards, it will be beneficial for them to successfully participate in the Olympic Games. We also hope that the Olympic Games in Beijing will be as "favorable" as before for our athletes.

GT: How would you describe the peoples passion for winter sports in Mongolia? In the field of winter sports, how have Mongolia and China engaged in collaboration and exchanges?

Badral: Mongolia has a four seasons climate and the winter season lasts much longer. Since ancient times, we have traditionally practiced hunting, skiing and skating in winter. In recent years, several modern ski resorts have been opened in Mongolia. Especially by the establishment of the first Winter Sports Palace, young people have become more interested in winter sports such as snowboarding, alpine skiing, curling, hockey and figure skating.

President Xi said that the primary goal of staging the Winter Olympics in China is to "engage 300 million people in ice-snow sports" and promote the leapfrog development of winter sports in the country, and this goal was achieved.

Mongolia and China share broad potentials to develop cooperation in winter sports field. There is a natural sports base in Mongolia. I assume that the two national teams are able to mutually develop their skills and strengths by conducting joint trainings.

GT: Could you please share with our readers Mongolias traditional or anticipated strengths in the Winter Olympics? Could you also please highlight an athlete or a team that will be competing in Beijing and that you think can represent your countrys winter sports?

Badral: Mongolia has been continuously participating in Winter Olympics since the 1964 in Innsbruck, Austria, missing only the 1976 one. However, it hasnt won a medal yet.

Mongolia has a small population of 3.4 million people. Despite the lack of personnel and winter sports base for professional athletes, since the establishment of modern ski resorts and winter sports palaces in recent years, youths have become very interested in winter sports, which I am sure will be an important impetus for our countrys future success in winter sports, especially in the Olympic Games and world arena.