I am from Taiwan Province: Kaohsiung volunteer applauded for her self-introduction
Published: Feb 01, 2022 02:50 PM
Photo: Screenshot?of video from China News Service

Photo: Screenshot of video from China News Service

As the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is set to begin on February 4, a volunteer for the Games from the island of Taiwan recently gained attention online.

A graduate student at Beijing Foreign Studies University surnamed Chang introduced herself in a recent interview with Chinese media as a girl from "Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Province."

Chang said it is a rare opportunity for her to grow up and learn more from volunteering at the Winter Olympics with others. "Although our positions may be insignificant, the power of each of us can add up to a greater power," she said.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Chang had not been back to the island of Taiwan for Chinese New Year for a long time. She said that she missed the atmosphere of celebrating Chinese New Year's Eve with her family, with traditions like eating hot pot and sweet dumplings together, as well as setting off fireworks in the alleyways.

Chang's self-introduction was praised by many Chinese mainland netizens. "It is not easy since she is from Kaohsiung where there are many supporters of the [pro-secession] Democratic Progress Party," commented one netizen. "Thanks for your hard work, it's really rare to see a young people from Taiwan Province with such normal views, " said another, praising her devotion to volunteering in the Winter Olympic Games.

Even though Taiwan island locates mostly in the sub-tropical climate zone, people on the island are not completely left out from the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, confirmed on January 26 that Chinese Taipei delegation of 17 people has registered to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Among them, four athletes were qualified to participate in speed skating, alpine skiing, and bobsledding, while one athlete was qualified as an alternate.

Five people from the island of Taiwan will also participate in the torch relay of the Beijing Winter Olympics from February 2 to 4, according to the spokesperson.

More than 30 Taiwan students studying in Beijing universities have begun to work as volunteers for the Games.

In addition, the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee said on Monday that it will adjust its plan and send people to participate in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympics to "comply with the Olympic Charter."

Earlier on Friday, it was announced by local Taiwan authorities that the Chinese Taipei delegation will not attend the ceremonies due to strict COVID-19 prevention and control rules and delayed flights.

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