Beijing 2022: in-between geopolitical greed and humanity’s highest ambition
Published: Feb 01, 2022 08:19 PM
Beijing 2022 Photo:VCG


Unifying, not dividing, this is the real mission and spirit of the Olympic Games since their foundation in ancient Greece. The Beijing Winter Olympic Games is not an exception, but a confirmation of the authentic spirit of the Games, as the slogan says "together for a shared future".  

We all know the US, UK and few other countries' attempts to "pollute" this event with their sclerotic scheme of containing China's influence in the world, and with their paranoia on Chinese successful development at home and abroad. The result? They failed, whilst the world is opening its arms to Beijing. 

Most of the world's population knows that Beijing is determined to enhance peaceful cooperation between peoples: it is a goal, an ambition, which remains the guiding principle of China's work in the world (see my upcoming book, in Chinese and English, The Chinese Pathway).

Thanks to these Games, we can further underline the values of solidarity, unity and cooperation between peoples, values that drive the efforts, sacrifices and ambitions of athletes from all over the world. Beijing 2022 can also represent a virtuous model for the next Winter Olympics to be held in Cortina d'Ampezzo (Belluno), Italy. The latter is an aspect that links Italy and China in a new form of cooperation centered on the values of cooperation and solidarity between peoples using winter sports. There have been many exchanges between the two countries, as Ambassador Li Junhua recalled in a video message shown at the beginning of a Conference held in Rome earlier in January, 2022.

Trying to boycott and bashing China with respect to the Winter Olympic Games is other evidence of the US-UK alliance's anachronistic and irresponsible behaviors, and an indication of their dominant imperialistic attitude. However, as said, they are failing, just another time… as happened in their failed attempt to blame China for the pandemic, whilst they have failed at home since the beginning. We could add examples over examples. Only more recently, they failed in their plan to create a fake casus belli in Xinjiang or in their alleged attempt to "stabilize" Afghanistan, and they will fail in their attempts to exploit problems from Ukraine to Kazakhstan and Taiwan in order to fulfil their inhumane geopolitical purposes. 

Politicizing the Beijing Winter Olympic Games goes against the universal humanity's values as it is a way to waste unique opportunities to create a peaceful and supportive environment for the benefit of the world population. Something we need even more after two years of pandemic suffering. On one hand, we have arrogant and warmongering countries, which are adding problems to the already existing global challenges, e.g. severe social, economic, health and environmental problems in an imperialistic approach that shows they do not care about people. On the other hand, we have nations that work to enhance cooperation between people in order to build a community with a share future for humanity. This is a self-evident reality, no one can honestly negate.  

Avoiding falling in the US-UK provocations, China marks its international responsibility as a civilized state open to the world. China was successful in hosting 2008 Summer Games and will be successful in the new Winter Games. For the first time in Olympic history, China will rely on renewable energy sources, thanks to specific sustainable development techniques to reduce emissions of pollutants. In the Capital Gymnasium in Beijing, which will host figure skating events, we will see the production of ice using carbon dioxide as a refrigerant. Solar and wind energy will power the Zhangbei area. 

Every attempt to work against the real significance of the Games and good practices that can emerge is destined to fail. China has worked hard to guarantee green, sustainable and inclusive Winter Games. 

The author is associate professor of International Studies at CFAU, Beijing, teaching also at the International Institute Lorenzo de' Medici, Florence. He is also member of CCERRI think tank, Zhengzhou, and EURISPES, Laboratorio BRICS, Rome. Follow him on twitter @fabiomassimos. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn