Sina Weibo suspends 93 accounts after figure skater Zhu Yi was cyber bullied due to Olympic debut stumble
Published: Feb 07, 2022 09:33 PM
Zhu Yi Photo: VCG

Zhu Yi Photo: VCG

China's Twitter-like social media platform Sina Weibo has suspended 93 accounts on its platform from publishing contents and deleted some 300 posts for launching cyber-violence on Olympic athletes. 

The move came after a wave of attacks from some netizens against figure skater Zhu Yi who had a fall on her Winter Olympics debut for Team China. The US-born athlete, 19, fell flat on the ice finishing last in the women's short program team event.

In a notice released by Sina Weibo on Sunday, it said, while athletes compete at the Olympic Games, netizens have invested unprecedented enthusiasm toward the Games and were looking forward to athletes winning medals. 

A small number of Weibo users violated the rules of the platform by launching personal attacks against athletes and their families on the grounds of winning or losing the game and whether they are in good or bad condition. Some athlete fans even beefed with each other, the notice reads. 

Based on the rules of Sina Weibo, the platform suspended 93 accounts on its platform from publishing contents and deleted some 300 posts attacking Olympic athletes. Some 121 posts were also removed. 

Zhu Yi has come under fire on social media after the fall. The hashtag "Zhu Yi has fallen" became one of top trending topics on Weibo on Sunday. 

In an interview with reporters after the game, Zhu Yi could not hide her frustration, blaming herself for not being able to provide more help to the team and choking up. "My score wasn't that high, but I was still here, hoping to do my best and get a good result, but it didn't happen," she said. 

Weibo said in the notice that it will strengthen the screening-out of bad information in relation with the Olympics. The platform also encouraged users to report to Weibo management team about contents that violate rules. 

The social media also called for netizens to act in a civilized manner to support domestic and overseas athletes, coaches and working staff at the frontline.