Chinese fishing boat rescues 9 PNG survivors drifting for a month in the Pacific off the Solomon Islands
Published: Feb 26, 2022 10:03 PM
Solomon islands Photo:VCG

Solomon islands Photo:VCG

A Chinese fishing boat has rescued nine Papua New Guinean survivors who had been adrift at sea for more than 20 days on a life drift near the sea off the Solomon Islands (157°44'E , 11°48' S) on Friday.

The Chinese fishing vessel, Yixiang No.8, on Friday saved the six men and three women from the Misima island of Papua New Guinea who's craft had clashed with a ferry on January 29, the Global Times learned from the Chinese Embassy in the Solomon Islands on Saturday night.

At present, nine people have been rescued and taken to safety, with a local rescue fleet dispatched to the waters where the incident occurred.

According to the embassy, on Friday, the captain of Yixiang No.8 called the consular protection hotline of the Chinese Embassy in the Solomon Islands for help.

The Chinese Embassy in the Solomon Islands responding immediately contacted the Solomon Island's foreign ministry, the Prime Minister's office, the police force, and the PNG officials in the Solomon Islands to coordinate the rescue.

The capital of the ship, Li Zhi, is from East China's Fujian Province. the other crew members are from China, Indonesia and the Solomon Islands.

Global Times