Chinese ambassador to Ukraine rejects rumors, says he will never leave Chinese people behind
Published: Feb 27, 2022 01:20 PM
Chinese ambassador to Ukraine Fan Xianrong. Photo: Xinhua

Chinese ambassador to Ukraine Fan Xianrong. Photo: Xinhua

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Rejecting rumors that the Chinese ambassador to Ukraine has left the country, Ambassador Fan Xianrong said in a video on early Sunday morning that he is still in Kiev facing this difficult time together with all fellow citizens. "I want to make it clear that Chinese ambassadors will never leave the Chinese people behind on their own. This is not how the Chinese ambassadors are like, and is not how the members of the Communist Party of China are like!"

The situation in Ukraine has become more difficult in recent days with the constant sounds of sirens, explosions and gunfire, and there may be many unpredictable changes in the coming days, the ambassador said. Facing such a crisis, some local residents may get anxious and react more sensitively to others and are more prone to extreme behaviors than usual, he added. 

"To be honest, everyone will feel worried and scared in the face of these challenges," Fan said, as he told embassy staff members as well as all Chinese people in Ukraine to strictly follow safety precautions -- staying home, avoiding windows when indoors and seeking shelters when alarms are sounded. 

He also reminded them to avoid confrontations with local people, or recording scenes everywhere out of curiosity, and to especially stay away from military-related personnel or facilities. 

The ambassador stressed that the Party and the government are always concerned about the safety of their people. "In the past few days, the most domestic instructions I received were to protect our own compatriots. The most important work we do every day and night is to ensure the safety of every Chinese in Ukraine. So I ask all of you to have confidence that the Chinese embassy will never leave you behind."

Fan also assured local Chinese people that the embassy will arrange for their departure as long as the safety conditions are in place and their safety can be guaranteed, noting that at the moment it would be difficult due to the intense fighting currently taking place. 

He also asked fellow citizens to help out each other. "At present, China is more united and stronger than at any time in history. We Chinese, no matter where we go, must show this spirit," Fan said. 

The Ukrainian people are going through a hard time, the Chinese ambassador added, and we should have more understanding toward them and show friendliness and rationality that the Chinese people have always had. He noted that China respects Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and hopes the current crisis will be resolved through political negotiations.

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