US' human rights situation worsened in 2021: report
Published: Feb 28, 2022 09:18 PM
US human rights

US human rights

China's State Council Information Office on Monday issued the Report on Human Rights Violations in the United States in 2021. The report said the human rights situation in the US, which has a notorious record, worsened in 2021 as political manipulation led to a sharp surge in COVID-19 deaths, and shooting deaths in the country hit a new record.

The report revealed that despite having the world's most advanced medical resources, the US has the biggest number of COVID-19 infections and deaths globally. But the US government isn't rethinking its approach and still lacks effective anti-epidemic plans. Instead, it stoked the origins-tracing of COVID-19, and has been keen on passing the buck, shifting the blame and political manipulation. 

The public security situation in the country also deteriorated and violent crimes remained prevalent. There were 693 mass shootings in 2021, up 10.1 percent from 2020. More than 44,000 people were killed in gun violence, according to the report.

US human rights violations in 2021. Graphic: GT

US human rights violations in 2021. Graphic: GT

Fake democracy trampled on people's political rights and violent law enforcement made life harder for migrants and refugees in the US, it said. Only 7 percent of young Americans view the country as a "healthy democracy," while public trust in the government has fallen to almost a historical low since 1958, the report revealed.

The report also highlighted the country's growing discrimination against ethnic minority groups, especially people of Asian descent with around 81 percent of Asian American adults saying violence against Asian communities is rising.

Unilateral US actions created new humanitarian crises across the globe, the report noted. A US drone strike during US' withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan killed 10 members of an Afghan family, including seven children, among which the youngest was only two years old. 

The report pointed out that in 2021, the US public persona of "human rights defender" was totally debunked as the so-called "Summit for Democracy" under the guise of safeguarding human rights became a farce. At the 48th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, many countries blasted the US for being the "biggest destroyer" of human rights in the world and urged the country to address its own human rights violations.

It's universally acknowledged that the US has a big human rights problem. The problem is characterized by racial discrimination, the lack of respect for the disadvantaged, the disparity between the rich and the poor, and the number of shooting deaths every year, Li Haidong, professor at the Institute of International Relations of the China Foreign Affairs University, told the Global Times on Monday.

So when the US talks about human rights issues in other countries, it must have a clear understanding of its own human rights situation, Li urged. But the tragedy is that the politicians in the country always turn a blind eye to US' poor human rights record and pretend to be "teachers on human rights" in the international community, said Li. He added that the US has no qualification and pointed out the fact is that chaos on human rights in other countries and regions have often been brought by the US.

On the human rights issue, the US should learn to communicate with other countries and regions on an equal footing, instead of imposing its own standards on them, Li urged.

Chinese observers also criticized the US of weaponizing human rights to smear and attack other countries and regions, saying it is a despicable act.