Certain politicians urged to end political publicity stunts: FM Commissioner's Office to HK
Published: Mar 01, 2022 10:37 PM
Hong Kong File Photo: Xinhua

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region File Photo: Xinhua

The Commissioner's Office of the Chinese Foreign Ministry in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) has urged certain politicians to end their political publicity stunts over Hong Kong affairs, respect facts and refrain from further political grandstanding. 

The spokesperson of the Commissioner's Office strongly disapproved of and firmly rejected the statement of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China and misleading remarks of a few American politicians for making a case for anti-China elements in Hong Kong. "They clamored for sanctions against Chinese officials in addition to slamming the Central Government's policy towards Hong Kong and the national security law." 

"By exploiting the first anniversary of the law-based detention of the relevant criminal suspects, some political figures banded together to smear the HKSAR government and whitewash the suspects," the spokesperson pointed out, noting that the move is unsurprising. 

These politicians have demonstrated beyond doubt that they are cut from the same cloth as the disruptive elements who harm Hong Kong's prosperity and stability, said the spokesperson on Tuesday. 

On Monday, the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance, which consists of politicians from the US, the EU, India and Australia, signed a statement calling for the release of 47 people who were charged or detained under the national security law for Hong Kong. The spokesperson pointed out that unmistakable evidence has proved the relevant people are suspected of subverting state power, a crime under the law. 

"Hong Kong is a society governed by the rule of law where laws must be observed and lawbreakers held to account," said the spokesperson. 

The spokesperson pointed out that the national security law only targets a small group of criminals who pose a serious threat to national security and protects all lawful rights and freedoms of Hong Kong residents. 

"Since the effective implementation of the national security law and the improved electoral system, Hong Kong has taken on a whole new look featuring stable public order, a peaceful life and a refreshing political climate," said the spokesperson, noting that the act by the group of Western politicians runs counter to the trend of the times and the will of the people and is going nowhere.

The spokesperson also stressed that Hong Kong is part of China and Hong Kong affairs are China's internal affairs. 

"We call on the politicians to cease and desist from violating international law and basic norms governing international relations, terminate their collusion with anti-China forces in Hong Kong, and stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and China's internal affairs," said the spokesperson. 

If they do not, the chickens will eventually come home to roost, warned the spokesperson.

On Tuesday, the Hong Kong Bar Association's former chief Paul Harris went to the police headquarters by appointment and gave a statement under caution to assist with investigations into a national security case, local media outlets reported, adding that no arrest was made. 

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