What does the emblem for Beijing Paralympic Games stand for?
Published: Mar 05, 2022 02:27 PM
 Emblem(left) and mascot for Beijing Paralympic Games Photo: CFP

Emblem(left) and mascot for Beijing Paralympic Games Photo: CFP

Meaning "flying high," the emblem for the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Games, which was opened on Friday, is designed to convey the Games organizers' athlete-centered philosophy.

Drawing its inspiration from a Chinese character pronounced as "fei," which means flying, the emblem vividly reflects an image of the athlete in a wheelchair rushing toward the finish line.

The robust strokes in the upper part and the soft curves below symbolize the athletes striving for their best despite certain physical disabilities, which is also an inspiration to the rest of the world.

The emblem was in fact revised in September 2020, where the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (BOCOG) redesigned and re-colored its Paralympics emblem to match the new Paralympic symbol "Agitos" that was refreshed in October 2019, after consultation with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

In addition, the words "Paralympic Games" were also removed from the original design.

"The updated IPC logo has more vivid colors. The shape of the graphics was originally static, but now it is more dynamic. The new logo is younger and more energetic," Lin Cunzhen, designer of the Beijing 2022 emblems, told Xinhua.

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