China-Russia friendship 'rock-solid, free from interference by any third party,' says Chinese FM
Published: Mar 07, 2022 03:43 PM Updated: Mar 07, 2022 09:10 PM
Photo: CFP

Photo: CFP

China-Russia relationship is valued for its independence, and the friendship between the two peoples is "rock-solid," Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday at a press conference on the sidelines of the fifth session of the 13th National People's Congress.

Experts noted that Wang's remarks have set the tone for China's stance on China-Russia relations which are free from interference. No matter how much the West provokes, the China-Russia relationship will not be affected by the Ukraine issue. 

"As permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, China and Russia are each other's most important close neighbors and strategic partners. China-Russia ties are one of the most crucial bilateral relations in the world, and our cooperation not only brings benefits and welfare to our peoples, but also contributes to world peace, stability and development," Wang said in response to a question on the impact of the growing collective pressures of Western sanctions against Russia and China. 

Last year marked the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation between China and Russia. In an increasingly complex global strategic environment, the concepts of intergenerational friendship and win-win cooperation carried by this treaty have a very positive and practical significance not only for China and Russia, but for all countries in the world, Wang noted. 

He stressed that China-Russia ties are based on non-alliance, non-confrontation and non-targeting of any third party, and are free from interference or discord sown by third parties. "This is both a summary of historical experience and an innovation in international relations," Wang said. 

Not long ago, the two countries jointly issued a joint statement that focuses on international relations in a new era and global sustainable development, in which we demonstrated to the world, clearly and unambiguously, our opposition to reviving the Cold War mentality and provoking ideological confrontation, the Chinese top diplomat said. In the statement, we advocated the democratization of international relations, and upholding the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, he added. 

"China-Russia relationship is grounded in a clear logic of history and driven by strong internal dynamic, and the friendship between the two peoples is rock-solid. There is a bright prospect for cooperation between the two sides. No matter how precarious and challenging the international situation may be, China and Russia will always maintain strategic focus and steadily advance our comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era,'' Wang stressed.

Analysts said that Wang's remarks have come at just the right time, when some Western media reports and politicians are hyping China's stance on Russia's military operations in Ukraine. 

Cui Heng, an assistant research fellow from the Center for Russian Studies at East China Normal University, told the Global Times on Monday that Wang's remarks suggest that China will not bow to the West's pressure to sanction Russia. 

"China-Russia ties and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine are two different things, and no matter how much the West provokes, the friendship and closeness between the two sides will not be affected. This has also set the tone for China's position in the current Russia-Ukraine conflict," Cui said.

Wang stressed that calmness and rationality, instead of moves that pour oil on the flame and escalate tensions, are needed to resolve the Ukraine crisis.

The Chinese Foreign Minister reiterated that China upholds the principle of indivisible security and respects the legitimate security concerns of relevant parties and calls for dialogue, negotiation and peaceful means for dispute resolution.