Xi talks with South Korean president-elect over phone
Published: Mar 26, 2022 10:44 AM
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday afternoon held a phone conversation with South Korean President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol.

Xi once again extended congratulations to Yoon on his election as South Korean president.

He pointed out that China and South Korea are permanent close neighbors that cannot move away, and are also inseparable partners, adding that China always attaches importance to its relations with South Korea.

With the joint efforts from both sides, bilateral relations have developed rapidly in an all-round way, and the two countries have become strategic partners, Xi said.

Facts have proved that the development of China-South Korea relations conforms to the fundamental interests of the two countries and their people, and promotes regional peace and development, he added.

Noting that this year marks the 30th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations, Xi said the two sides should take it as an opportunity to uphold mutual respect, strengthen political mutual trust, enhance people-to-people friendship and push for steady and long-term development of China-South Korea relations.

Xi stressed that at present, the international community is facing multiple challenges, saying that China and South Korea bear a responsibility in maintaining regional peace and promoting world prosperity.

The Chinese side is ready to work with South Korea in strengthening international and regional cooperation, and making active efforts to ensure the stability and smoothness of the global industrial and supply chains, he said.

He also called for safeguarding the UN-centered international system and the international order based on international law, and promoting the construction of a more fair and rational global governance system.

For his part, Yoon congratulated China on the successful convening of the "two sessions" and on the country's major development achievements made under the leadership of President Xi.

South Korea and China enjoy a long history of friendly exchanges, Yoon said, noting that over the 30 years since the establishment of bilateral diplomatic ties, the two countries have made great achievements in bilateral cooperation in various fields, bringing tangible benefits to people of the two countries.

Strengthening cooperation between the two countries is conducive to the realization of their respective development, benefits their people, and will also contribute to regional peace and stability in the Northeast Asia, he continued.

South Korea is ready to keep close high-level exchanges with China to enhance mutual trust, promote people-to-people friendship and push bilateral relations to a higher level, Yoon said.