China, EU should seek further cooperation, strengthen policy coordination: Premier Li
Published: Apr 02, 2022 12:56 AM
China EU Photo:VCG

China EU Photo:VCG

China called for cooperation with the EU as Chinese Premier Li Keqiang stressed on Friday that the two sides should seek "new highlights" in their relationship and strengthen "policy coordination" in major areas. 

Li made the remarks during the 23rd EU-China summit, which was held on Friday via video link. President of the European Council Charles Michel and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen also attended the conference. 

Li said a stable relationship between China and the EU is extremely important for the world's peace, stability and development. China is willing to increase understanding and mutual trust with the EU, while strengthening the two sides' communication and dialogue. 

"Dialogue and cooperation are still the dominant features of China-EU relations, while mutual benefit and win-win are still the general tone of China-EU cooperation," Li said. 

Going further to elaborate on specific cooperation fields between the two sides, Li suggested China and the EU should join hands to safeguard energy, grain safety and the stability of industrial chains and supply chains to support sustainable recovery of the world economy. 

The summit was held with a focus on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, according to a statement released by the European Council, and the leaders also discuss the state of bilateral relations and areas of shared interest such as climate change, biodiversity and health, as well as ways to ensure a more balanced and reciprocal trade relationship between China and Europe. 

Li stressed that China has always pursued an independent foreign policy based on peace, while safeguarding international law and universally recognized basic guidelines of international relations, including respecting countries' sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as resolving conflict through dialogue and negotiation.

Officials from the EU also said during the summit that China and the EU should deepen cooperation and insist on multilateralism, China Central Television reported. 

A spokesperson from the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) said in a written statement sent to the Global Times that there are "numerous" areas where the EU and China can deepen their cooperation, such as combatting climate change, promoting biodiversity, the setting of international standards, WTO reform, and fighting COVID-19. 

The two sides can also find further space to push trade cooperation. For example, in terms of services trade, the EU exports five times more services to the US than it does to China, the statement said. 

"Addressing this would create more jobs and value, and accelerate the transition of China's economy from being reliant primarily on exports to one that is consumption-driven. It would also help to create greater competition in the services sector, which would spur innovation," the spokesperson said. 

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