‘Everything will be normal’ if Lithuania returns to the one-China principle, but there’s only one country that they would listen to: FM
Published: Apr 02, 2022 04:47 PM
China Lithuania Photo:VCG

China Lithuania Photo:VCG

When asked about Lithuania's impact on China-EU relations, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said if Lithuania returns to the one-China principle, a basic norm of international relations and a universal consensus held by the international community, things will be "back to normal" at a Saturday press briefing that highlighted the importance of China-EU ties.

It is Lithuania who broke their pledge of the one-China principle, if they return to this framework, everything will be back to normal, Wang Lutong, Director-General of the Department of European Affairs of the Foreign Ministry, said at a press briefing on Saturday, responding to media's question whether Lithuania was discussed during China-EU summit. 

China downgraded its diplomatic relations with Lithuania to the level of chargé d'affaires in November 2021 after the country challenged the one-China principle by agreeing to set up a representative office with the name "Taiwanese." The decision by Lithuania recklessly creates the false impression of "one China, one Taiwan" and sets a very bad precedent.

When we speak with other European collogues, all of them are not in favor of what Lithuania did, Wang told media. 

"Some of them said they would speak to Lithuania about it, but apparently, there is only one country that Lithuania would listen to," Wang added. 

Lithuania signed a $600 million export credit agreement with the US Export-Import Bank, media outlets reported. Although the EU has offered "verbal" support for its member state, Brussels did not let Lithuania affect general relations between China and the EU, and some European companies have decided to stay away from Lithuania elements in their products.

It's hypocritical when some people talk about the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine but ignore China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity over the Taiwan question, Wang said.